Polyphenols and Hair Growth

Two of the greatest discoveries in the past few years have been grape polyphenols and apple polyphenols. Studies have shown for these two antioxidants to have fat loss, anti-aging similarities and tremendous hair regrowth. The hair regrowth was truly a good side-effect. They didn’t know about it at first until patients were reporting these results. The studies that were performed showed that grape polyphenols out performed minoxidil by 200% in effectiveness and apple polyphenols (procyanidin b-2) out performed minoxidil by 300%. The results were astonishing. To see such great results for hair regrowth from a natural substance was fantastic.

Polyphenols work by affecting the hair growth cycle and increasing it. The specific polyphenols in the apples are procyanidin B-2, C-1 and B-3. The amounts found in apple polyphenol supplements are high. What’s already better, is that the affects on the body, including hair regrowth are completely measure dependent. So the higher the concentration the more effective it will be. It has been shown that we can get about 200mg of polyphenols from a good sized apple. However, the recommended dosage for very effective results is about 500-1000 mg daily. There are very few companies that provide an effective high dosage product.

What is great about polyphenols is that, since they are a natural substance, their safe and they can be combined with other methods and supplements for already better results. So if we were to take polyphenols as a supplement, it is highly recommended that we also use a topical treatment (preferably a natural one). In this way we are promoting growing environments internally and and “fertilizing” the outside. This would be a chief condition for healthy and quick hair growth.

A proper diet is also important for hair growth since it gives the hair all the vitamins and minerals it needs to grow naturally in the first place. Mainly lots of fruits and vegetables. (It is also very helpful to reduce the sugar and salt intake for a healthy body, if the body is healthy on the inside, it shows in the skin and hair on the outside. They are known as genetic indicators to physically show the health of the body.)

Other vitamins that can be taken with polyphenols to nurture the hair are B- vitamins, vitamin- E, biotin and kelp.

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