Polyfold Air Filters – General-Purpose, long-lasting Or Disposable

Polyfold Air Filters – General-Purpose, long-lasting Or Disposable

If the application calls for high dust-holding capacity and low airflow resistance Polyfold filters can do the job. Further, these industrial filters fit the bill both for applications that need a long-lasting solution and for applications where a disposable option is required. Polyfold filters are an excellent choice for both commercial and industrial use. For long-lasting models, Polyfold filters use either Uni-Foam or Quadrafoam media. Uni-Foam media can be used indoors or outdoors. It is able to resist exposure to moisture in outdoor environments. Its cellular media structure serves as a mist eliminator, reducing entry of rainwater and water splash. Some models with Uni-Foam media are also designed for application in equipment with limited space for filtration.

Quadrafoam is open-cell polyurethane foam with a flame-retardant coating that allows the filters to meet UL 94V-0 standards. thorough loading, with a large dust-holding capacity, Quadrafoam also offers low airflow resistance. Polyfold disposable filters use Polyester media, which is a non-woven, non-migrating, synthetic material. Produced using progressive manufacturing technology; it provides ASHRAE dust arrestance to 90 percent in a filter that delivers uniformity and excellent filtering performance.

In a Polyfold air filter, the media, whether Uni-Foam, Quadrafoam or Polyester, is mechanically formed, with no areas of tension and minimal distortion, into gently rolling pleats. The pleating produces already airflow throughout the complete area of the filter. This design lowers airflow resistance while greatly increasing dust-holding capacity. The Polyfold filter frame is roll-formed into a strong one-piece channel made of 0.40-inch thick 3000 series aluminum. The frame is fitted firmly to the filter media and fastened with two aluminum rivets. In addition, the air filters characterize Uni-Grid sustain, which consists of expanded aluminum and is about 85 percent open to lower airflow resistance. The 0.40-inch-thick 3000 series aluminum is expanded on specially designed Uni-Grid equipment.

Quadrafoam, Uni-Foam and Polyester media are also used in their own namesake air filters: the Quadrafoam, Uni-Foam and Polyester air filter. In these customs, the media fill some more specific applications. Uni-Foam filters are an excellent choice for medical, electronics, computer, telecom, datacom and general-purpose applications. Quadrafoam meets the requirements of electronics, computer, telecom, datacom, medical and general-purpose equipment, in addition. With their high dust arrestance and low airflow resistance, disposable Polyester filters work exceptionally well in HVAC applications.

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