Philadelphia Dentists Malpractice Insurance

Philadelphia Dentists Malpractice Insurance

Philadelphia dentists’ malpractice insurance protects the dentists against legal claims of the patients. Malpractice insurance covers the damages resulting from the service. It also provides claims assistance and legal representation for the complaints of patients. The patients either claim for side effects of the treatment or for without of proper attention. The policy coverage can be extended to the mistakes of the employees in the clinic.

In Philadelphia, malpractice insurance for dentists is generally offered as two major types, the claim made policy and occurrence policy. The claim made policy covers only the claims reported during the policy period. It requires a tail policy to cover the claims after the expiry of policy period. The occurrence policy covers the damages that occur during the policy period, and responds to claims after the policy duration. The claim policy is comparatively cheaper than the occurrence policy. In situations of change from claim policy to occurrence policy, a nose policy is obtainable to cover the prior acts. The selection of the policy kind must be based on individual preferences and risks.

When fixing the insurance premium quotes, insurance companies estimate factors such as specialty, educational qualification, experience, track record, frequency of risk, location etc to finalize the premium amount. Special discounts are offered for members of the Philadelphia county dental society. The beginners in the practice and highly qualified dentists are offered discounts up to 50%. The location of the practice is meaningful since dentists practicing in fluoridated communities have to pay lower malpractice insurance premiums than dentists practicing in non-fluoridated communities.

Philadelphia malpractice insurance offers features such as defense costs, specialized writing coverage, contractual liability coverage, sexual misconduct defense coverage, retirement tail benefits etc. They also provide comprehensive packages for character protection insurance and workers’ compensation. The selection of the malpractice insurance company must be based on the financial security and responsive service of the insurance company. Most of the companies offer online service. A detailed discussion with the insurance executive about all the obtainable insurance helps to clarify the best insurance option.

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