Persistence Pays

I’ve spoken to many people who’ve told me, “I’ve tried millions of ways to do this, and I never succeed!”, or “I’ve tried thousands of ways, spoken to 400 people, tried 300 times and however nothing in the form of success comes my way!”. Ever heard those kind of lines? Well, think about it. How many people who say they try thousands or million times truly do try that much? Very few, if any at all.

Take the example of an inspirational man by the name of Colonel Sanders. At the age of 65, after his business got forced to close down, he was only living on his $105 social security cheque each month. He got mad, but instead, of heading down to the social security offices, he asked himself, “what can I do that will be valuable for other people?”

With this one question, came his success answer. Colonel Sanders was a great cook, but he just had to get people to know it. His speciality was the wonderful chicken recipe he knew. So he decided to get in his car and excursion around to the restaurants asking whether they’d buy his recipe, and he thought, if it’d sell well, perhaps he’d get a percentage of their takings. His approach didn’t succeed, and he got responses such as, “Why would I want to buy an old man’s recipe?”

Each time, he changed his approach slightly, and continued giving it his best shot. For two years, he drove around his old car, across the USA, knocking on doors and selling his recipe. Guess what was spectacular – he had visited 1009 restaurant owners and all turned him down. At 1010th one, he succeeded. To this day, we know him as the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken, KFC. You can read the complete story here: []

How many people do you think would truly wait that long, and persist for a thousand, already a hundred times, to be totally successful? Very few, if any. If you look at the most shared people in the world, they would not be denied. They will not take no for an answer. They are concrete in their goals, and will strive and persist until they reach them.

I have grown up to learn that NO PROBLEM IS long-lasting. Nothing will stop me from allowing the problem to pass and then moving forward to unprotected to what I want. I have consistently reminded myself to focus on the solutions, instead of the problems, helping me to conquer any barriers. All this has helped me develop my goals of being a percussionist, my already bigger dream of helping people as a life coach at a young-ish age, and much more.

I say this not to boast about my work, but to boast about the strength of focus and persistence. Think about the things you have really wanted to unprotected to. What is the one most important thing to you? How will you determine when you have been a success in your music career? When you are 80, what is the one major thing you want to turn back and be really proud of in your music?

I have one simple thing to say here in response to that: keep committed, take action consistently and ensure you focus on the solutions, not the problems.

Hiring a life coach will ensure you stay on track, define your goals easily and truly move forward to achieving them in a timed manner. Hiring a life coach brings reality closer. It did for me and every other person who has worked with a coach. Treat yourself to a coach and reap the seeds within you.

As a musicians coach specialist, I am obtainable to work with you on a one-off or consistent basis. For further information about personal coaching, please read this. You can click here to find out about our sets.

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