Optimism High For Phoenix Suns

Optimism High For Phoenix Suns

The Phoenix Suns have a new coach and a collection of proven NBA players as they head into the new season. Optimism is very high in sunny Phoenix as the NBA begins another campaign. Will this be the year the Suns win it all?

The quality of Shaquille ONeals play this season may be the single most important meaningful to their run for the NBA title. At 36, ONeal is in great shape and ready to rule the Suns to a good start for the 2008-09 season. He credits the Boston Celtics for their togetherness as they won the NBA title last summer. He hopes that with a new coach, Terry Porter, and Steve Nash the Suns will also find their magic.

Terry Porter takes over a talented team with a combination of veterans and young talent. Robin Lopez, the Suns first round pick from Stanford, has been impressive so far.

ONeal will be called on for less minutes with the hope that his productivity is high on both ends of the floor. An impressive front line includes ONeal, Lopez, Amare Stoudemire and Boris Diaw.

Health remains the meaningful to any NBA franchisee. The Suns will rotate a good number of players which will limit the number of minutes per player. Lower minutes could greatly enhance the health and productivity of NBA All-Star Steve Nash also.

Keep an eye on the Suns as a new season begins. A different style of play is in store and it will be interesting how the rest of the NBA reacts to the change. Terry Porter will earn his paycheck each night out as he leads this team against high expectations. The diehard Suns fan will see an energized team that will compete each night out in the ever competitive Western Conference of the NBA. This just may be the year!

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