Opteron Server With 96 Cores

Opteron Server With 96 Cores

The PowerEdge C6145 is one of the fastest servers ever developed by Dell. This kind of HPC machine (high performance computing), in fact includes two nodes four-socket servers that can adjust to up to eight AMD Opteron 6100 series processors with 12 cores each or 96 hearts in total in a 2U chassis!

If this server has been designed to perform scientific or mathematical, it can also be used to animate platforms and cloud computing environments can be highly virtualized. An external chassis with multiple graphics processors can also be connected to the main server to work on applications such as video rendering.

A growing market

There is a growing customer need for more performance in servers that consume less. strength consumption ceilings have been enacted for eco-friendly buildings, to encourage users to look for savings everywhere and particularly in their computer room. Dell works with suppliers of elements to meet these needs in strength and performance while reducing strength consumption of its systems. HPC with this server, offers Samsung memory cards, Low strength AMD Opteron chips and integrating more cores as Intel Xeon, peaking at 8 hearts today. For now, Dell does not offer the server with Intel chips.

Customers are also looking for solutions that add graphics chips along with processors to create clusters of strength dedicated to specific applications. Dedicated Servers with GPUs deliver more raw strength and consume more energy, but they also reduce the number of machines in the data center. The track is already operated on supercomputers and increasingly used in computer centers.

Better combine CPU and GPU

Dell is working together with clients to develop test benches where the strength of similar computing CPU and GPU can be fully consolidated.

Based on the chassis C6105 introduced last September and can adjust to up to 48 processor cores in a 2U AMD, the C6145 supports up to 1TB of memory with a maximum of 96 processor cores. The dimensions of the server are from 44.8 centimeters (17.6 inches) wide and 79 cm (31.1 inches) in thoroughness. Since AMD has before announced, this server is “socket compatible” with the next-generation chip architecture based on Interlagos Bulldozer. C410X external chassis with PCI-Express can also be connected to the C6145 to add up to 32 GPUs. The server comes with Suse Novell, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5, Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows HPC Server 2008.

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