One of the UK’s most important wildlife reservation sites ‘devastated’…

One of the UK’s most important wildlife reservation sites ‘devastated’…

One of the UK’s most important wildlife conservation sites has been “devastated” by motorbikes.

Kenfig character save, in Bridgend, was reportedly wrecked by the bikers on January 13.

Officers received complaints from the Kenfig warden, who noticed the area had been used as an unofficial bike track.

Bridgend County Borough Council list the site as “one of the UK’s most important wildlife conservation sites”.

It also said it is “one of Wales’s top sand-dune reserves, with plants like wild fen orchids, birds and insects depending on this habitat for their survival”.

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Bikers have criticised the without of amenities for the sport (Image: South Wales Police)

Photos shared on social media show extensive bike tracks produced throughout the dunes.

South Wales Police criticised the anti-social bikers for using the site designated for wildlife preservation, bird watchers, and walkers.

Bike users however were quick to criticise the without of facilities in the area for the activity, stating if the local authority designated an area then issues such as this wouldn’t occur.

There are worries about how the sport will affect local wildlife (Image: South Wales Police)

A statement from South Wales Police said: “This is the beautiful Kenfig character save in Bridgend.

“It’s where wildlife live, birdwatchers visit, families enjoy themselves, dog walkers analyze.

“As you can see from these pictures from the Kenfig warden, it has been devastated by motorbikes.

“We are committed to tackling anti-social biking, if you see it or know who is responsible, then please get in touch with us.

“Let’s keep our green spaces safe and protected.”

Reports can be made via this link.

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