Nurturing Psychic Well-Being

Nurturing Psychic Well-Being

Spring is here! Now is the time to clean out the old and welcome in the new. Instead of just cleaning our closets, yards and garages, let’s consider purging our psyches of lower vibrational frequencies so we can soar! Most of us know what it takes to spring-clean our homes and yards, but do we understand how to cleanse our energy fields and purify our own consciousness? Do we know the techniques for clearing the aura of clouds or holes that need repair? In my work, I regularly cut psychic cords to others that are unhealthy. Spring is a great time to clear away any old thoughts or energies that we may have unconsciously picked up on our journey. This clarity allows our inner light to shine brightly by us like a crystal clear pane of glass welcoming the sun’s rays into our home.

Before we begin cleaning our psychic space, we have to estimate our current condition. Many of us have a without of awareness about our psychic state. We might ask ourselves some questions, “Am I feeling run-down, stressed or strained? Do I have unexplained feelings of anxiety? Am I worrying about someone I love for no apparent reason? Am I experiencing sadness that is baffling to me? Do I find myself repeatedly thinking about someone I would rather forget?” If you answered, “yes” to any of these questions, you may be experiencing psychic overload or carrying someone else’s energy in your consciousness. These feelings of disharmony are indications that it is time for a psychic housecleaning.

Let’s begin with understanding that we are energy beings vibrating at different frequencies at various times. When we are feeling happy and inspired, our energy identifying characteristics is like a hummingbird, quick and light. When we are feeling depressed or angry, our energy imprint is sluggish and slow like a glacier. Our psychic energy patterns shift in response to different circumstances. When we pay attention to our own energy field, we can “feel” when we slip into lower vibratory rates, and adjust our inner state consequently. To raise our frequency, we can meditate, exercise, pray, chant or use psychic clearing tools until we feel better.

In this age, we can’t live in a cave separate from life, but we can effectively protect ourselves from negative energy and become aware of cues from the body to avoid the “sponge effect” which happens when we unknowingly take on toxic energy from our ecosystem. Symptoms of the “sponge effect” include feeling tired, irritable or experiencing from headaches when we unknowingly absorb negativity from another’s energy field. Many of us succumb to this psychic ‘second-hand energy’ because we don’t know the tools to protect ourselves to prevent it.

Psychic health requires us to protect our psychic space the way we would protect ourselves from pollution. We can take action when we feel our energy level is being compromised. For example, if we live in an apartment building where neighbors are fighting, we can pray for our neighbors, speak to them, leave the building or move to a new location. Another option is to quiet our minds in meditation and not allow the frequency of fighting to upset our inner peace. By taking responsibility for how we feel, we become empowered and free. By learning to take care of our inner world, we create a ripple effect of harmony in our outer world. The choice is ours. Let’s choose to shine our light brightly to the world!

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