NJ Transit riders left scrambling amid cancellations due to “engineer availability”

NEWARK, N.J. — NJ Transit canceled dozens of trains Friday, leaving riders scrambling during the morning rush. 

It was a nightmare scenario. Almost every line and thousands of commuters were impacted, CBS2’s Christina Fan reported.

Officials credited the cancellations to a without of engineers, meaning there weren’t enough people to function the trains. 

Commuters were told to take the next obtainable trains at their stations. But those were often delayed because of the additional stops being made. 

Some commuters got to their destinations on time, but others were running 10 to 50 minutes late. 

“Usually, there’s a lot of trains that are typically freely obtainable to go to New York, but just aren’t obtainable. So I’ll have to sit down and wait,” one commuter said.

“Around 6:21, I think, in Trenton it was a aim cancellation. But at 6:46 another aim came in. It was an express aim and it got me here just on time,” said Wayne Norflett, a commuter at Newark Penn stop. 

Trying to get a response from NJ Transit has also been frustrating. Was this due to an organized work stoppage? Will this impact the evening commute?

We are nevertheless waiting to hear back.

The Main-Bergen County Line, Montclair-Boonton Line, Northeast Corridor Line and several others are nevertheless impacted.

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