Newsies: A Taste of the American Dream on Broadway

If you’re nevertheless familiar with your history lessons back in school, you might remember the Newsboys Strike of 1899, which took place in New York City in the late 1890s. This event inspired the 1992 film and it earned countless praises and various reviews from different film critics. The present stage musical is spearheaded by Alan Menken, who was also the musical director for many of Disney’s animated films like The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, etc. The lyrics for the musical were written by Jack Feldman, and a book that’s dedicated to the musical was then published, written by Harvey Fierstein. Newsies was first showcased in 2011 at the Paper Mill Playhouse and then made its first Broadway performance in early 2012.

The play is inspired by real events which happened in the summer of 1899, and focuses on the story of a young headstrong newsboy named Jack Kelly. The lad was rebellious and ambitious at the same time. While his playmates and friends wanted nothing but a life of bliss smoking cigars, lying in the sun, helping in the family business and sporting suspenders all day long, Jack wanted more. He wants to become an artist someday, but an artist away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. He worked as a newsboy for some time, which helped put bread on the family’s table.

But when the biggest publisher at that time, Joseph Pulitzer, charged more out of newspapers at the expense of the poor newsboys, Jack and his friends decided to take matters into their own hands. One of the musical’s most exceptional characters is the pretty reporter Katherine Plumber. She is the catalyst for the turning point of events as she acts in favor of the newsboys.

Newsies will be a sensational hit Broadway musical in Big Apple. It’s packed with exceptional choreography ensemble and, of course, all-time favorite hits from Disney legend Alan Menken. Theatergoers of all ages will surely be thrilled and captivated with the breath-taking production. The 1992 film was a definite showstopper; the producers of the stage musical aims to take the play to a new and younger audience while allowing fans to reminisce the glory days of the film. There are many songs alternation by the stage musical from the actual motion picture, and a love story is told between the ambitious Jack Kelly and the beautiful Katherine Plumber.

The Broadway stage musical will be a sure hit for the whole family. In a world where love songs, romance, and stories about life put into a performance either ends in deception, disgrace or tragedy, one will find the true measure of strength and love in this stage musical.

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