Newark public school students gifted keyboards by music foundation

NEWARK, N.J. — Public school students in Newark got a special surprise Thursday.

Ten students at First method Elementary School each received brand new keyboards.

The instruments were unveiled from behind a red curtain set up on the school’s playground.

The pianos were gifted by the Lang Lang International Music Foundation. The organization partners with elementary schools across the country to implement piano lessons as part of the curriculum.

“The keyboard for them to take home is going to have a huge impact … They’re going to be able to now practice what we’re learning in class, but then maybe also analyze music that we’re not learning in class, so that they can come back with questions, and it’s really going to enhance their learning,” music teacher Jenna Kostofsky said.

The students who received pianos were chosen by their music teacher to reward them for their commitment and passion for music.

CBS New York Team


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