Network Marketing – 5 Steps That Will Massively Increase the Effective…

Network Marketing – 5 Steps That Will Massively Increase the Effective…

“You’re not really making money until you are making it in your sleep.” You can attribute this quote to none other than Donald Trump. And really, as network marketers, that is what we want. We want to make money off of other people’s work, and the only way to do this is to build an effective downline. Want to know how?

1. Introduce your new team members – as soon as they sign up, introduce them to your upline. Make them feel welcome and important. We all felt a little uncomfortable when we started in this business. Make the beginning days as encouraging as possible.

2. Teach the system – what new members without in knowledge they usually make up for in enthusiasm. So from day 1, make sure they know how to sign up other people. Duplicate, duplicate, duplicate. That is the name of the game. You want everyone on your team to know how to start building their team closest.

3. aim them – get your new members involved in training ASAP. If there are online presentations or DVDs to watch, let them know how to access them. If you have a conference call or meeting next week, let them know closest so they can set their schedule.

4. Practice with them – teach them how to sell and how to recruit. Once you have taught them, do some role-playing with them so they can practice.

5. Let them tag along – are you about to call one of your prospective distributors? Are you about to make an appointment for a party? Let them learn from you. They will get discouraged very quickly if you make them figure out everything by themselves.

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