NBA Betting Strategy

NBA Betting Strategy

Betting the over/under point total can be fun, exciting and profitable. This where the Las Vegas oddsmakers have set a total point total for a game and you have to pick if the total score for the game is going to be higher or lower than this point total.

This is my personal favorite kind of betting. As a fan of the NBA, I dont like rooting for any team that isnt my favorite team. When you bet for a random team, you find yourself cheering for players and coaches you dont like and typically wouldnt like to see succeed. Betting the over/under point total definitely makes the game more fun to watch and is easier to win than other forms of betting.

Heres a basic example. The Boston Celtics played the Detroit Pistons last night. Boston plays great defense and plays extremely well at home. The over/under point total for this game was about 180, depending on which site you looked at. This method, the Vegas oddsmakers think the total score will be 180.

Betting the over is very fun. You root for both teams to score and score a ton. For this example, you need each team to get over 90 points or any combination of that average. Betting the under is fun too. You are cheering for strong defense and a lot of missed jump shots.

Just like any betting, there are some factors to be aware of. You must know who the home team is. This is because home teams have a better chance of influencing the speed of play. for example, the past few seasons saw the Phoenix Suns and Golden State Warriors play a run and gun style and score a ton of points. These teams played better at home, scoring more points than on the road. When youre at home and the home fans get excited, its easier to set the speed of game to your advantage.

Its also important to consider who is playing. Injuries occur to every team during the season and you need to know which players are hurt. If Steve Nash, the Phoenix Suns point guard, is going to miss a few games, you know the Suns wont score as many points. He is the catalyst of that fast-break offense and they dont score nearly as much with him out of the lineup.

So if youre new to betting or have been betting for awhile, you should consider betting the over/under point totals. This forces you to watch the game in a new and exciting fact.

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