My Introduction to Pressure Points or How I Met Tashi Troy J Price

The first time I took a class on pressure points, it was on a whim. In fact, I didn’t already know that was going to be one of the focuses. At that time, I’d never already heard the terms Qigong or Kyusho Jutsu (Energy Work and Pressure Point Skill). However, that was about to change.

I stood in the front of the class so I could see as much as possible. This led to me being pulled out of the crowd, and my comfortable ignorance, by the instructor. I was tossed around like a rag doll by a man physically much smaller than me. I didn’t already know I could move that fast, and to this day, I will always remember the location Triple Warmer 12.

That was my introduction to pressure points. Like most martial artists, I knew about nerve centers, but I’d never taken the time or been instructed on how to fully utilize them. I had always been skeptical about “magical skills” claimed to be possessed by some martial artists. However, after this class, I knew there was nothing magical about the pain I had experienced, or the skill in which it was employed. And who was the martial artist wielding these skills? None other than Tashi Troy J. Price.

When you see Tashi Price in action, you can’t help but be impressed by his skill. However, when you have the good (and bad) fortune of becoming one of his crash test dummies, you are not only impressed, you are a believer, and after this day, I was a believer.

To say I was tossed around that day is not quite fair. Tashi Price made me want to move this way by the use of kyusho jutsu. By applying specific pressure to these points, I would move in exactly the manner he intended setting up his next technique. Some points are most effective when being either hit, rubbed or pressed, and he seemed to know exactly how to attack each of these points. The pain of these techniques is excruciating, but properly applied, not unhealthy.

When you attend Tashi Price’s seminars or see his videos, keep in mind, the people he works with are not simply being cooperative uke (training partners). They are genuinely motivated to move like this by Tashi’s use of pressure points. After this first session, I was determined to learn as much from Tashi Price as I could.

I have attended many of his classes and seminars since this first encounter, and I have learned that not only does Tashi Price possess these skills, he is very free about sharing them and genuinely interested in your progress. He has changed the time of my martial arts’ training and progressive my skills further than I ever thought possible. I will always be indebted to Tashi Price for opening my eyes.

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