Most Popular Graphics Card Connector – DVI Cable

Most Popular Graphics Card Connector – DVI Cable

DVI cable is connected to digital media devices complying popular Digital Video Interface technology, also known as DVI. The popular video interface technology is best suited for high resolution LCD displays and modern computer video graphics cards. As DVI format is pretty popular with computer graphics card manufacturers, most modern computers have built-in DVI cable connectors. As an option for DVI connectivity, a VGA output port is also present in a standard computer.

Until getting replaced by HDMI interface technology, DVI cables were also used for digital data move for HDTV and high end plasma displays. Nowadays already other multimedia devices such as DVD players have built-in DVI output.

There are three DVI formats obtainable for use with DVI connections- DVI-D, DVI-A and DVI-I. While there is pretty meaningful difference in video output quality obtained, consumers can choose to use any of them. DVI-D or True Digital Video format is used to directly connect source video to a compatible digital characterize port. High-resolution, better image is promised with DVI-D format than what is obtained with analog signal broadcasting technology. There is no ‘backlag’ observed in DVI-D technology like analog broadcast.

High resolution analog signals are best appropriate for DVI-A cables. For connecting video source to analog characterize such as CRT monitor, DVI-A cable is used. DVI-A cable can also be connected to VGA multimedia device as both these formats carry similar signals. Technical tests have proven that some video quality loss is observed when converting digital signal to analog signal, which is why direct digital broadcasting is recommended.

A DVI-I uses superior technology that is capable of transmitting video signals in same form (digital-to-digital and analog-to-analog). DVI cable can be connected between an analog source and digital characterize with the help of VGA to DVI-D converter.

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