Mike Tindall and Zara appear in bizarre tropical background during vid…

Mike Tindall and Zara appear in bizarre tropical background during vid…

Zara and Mike Tindall amused fans with a tropical background during a video chat with an Australian sports channel 7+ this weekend.

Zara, 40,  and Mike, 43, usually attend The Star Magic Millions Racing Carnival, which takes place on the Gold Coast each year, but revealed they could not attend this year’s event, due to Covid-19. 

The Queen‘s granddaughter, who shares Mia, seven, Lena, three, and 10-month-old Lucas with the former rugby player, joked that they were trying to convince themselves they were somewhere warm with the video’s sunny backdrop, despite being in ‘minus 1 degree temperatures’ in the UK.  

Avid equestrian Zara is a patron for the annual event, which celebrates all things equine on the beaches of the Gold Coast in Queensland- with equestrians competing against each other in daily racing events where racers can win up to $2million. 

Zara, 40, and Mike, 43, usually attend The Star Magic Millions Racing Carnival, which takes place on the Gold Coast each year, but revealed during a chat with Auastralian TV that  they could not attend this year’s event due to Covid-19

Mike Tindall, who was wearing a floral shirt under a tan blazer, joked he was dressed like Dick Diggler, the fictitious male porn star featured in a 1988 mockumentary. 

The interview was shared on the Magic Millions’ Instagram page. The presenter from Chanel 7+ was surprised to see the associate’s Tropical background, admitting: ‘I was expecting to see you somewhere cold’.

‘Are you on the Gold Coast, Hawaii or somewhere fictitious?’ he asked. 

‘We’re trying to feel like we’re on the God Coast. It’s about minus one outside and miserable and pitch black,’ Mike replied. 

‘We are so missing the warmth,’ Zara said. ‘Last year was definitely a no-no on coming down and this year was kind of almost there and really itching to get out there.

The parents-of-three, pictured at the Together at Christmas carol concert on December 8, usually attend the Australian horse racing event 

Zara, an avid equestrian, revealed she is keeping an eye on the event from afar. This year, the carnival has additional show-jumping invitation to the event.  

‘It looked incredible, and like it went very well, and was an incredible addition to the whole day.’ she said. 

Princess Anne’s daughter went on: ‘The day’s already amazing with the polo and to put the show jumping in there must have been a real sight to see.

She additional that she cannot wait to attend the festival’s edition next year. 

The presenter then teased Mike Tindall, who was wearing a floral jacket underneath a tan blazer.  

‘Mike, what look did you go for today when putting the wardrobe together, 1970s private investigator?’ he teased. 

Mike replied saying he had just come back from au audition to play Dick Diggler, a fictitious male adult film star which is the focus of the 1988 mockumentary of the same name. 

The associate donned a tropical background because they said they were trying to pretend thry were not in Britain, where the weather is cold and dark 

‘I didn’t get it, there’s seemingly something not right about me,’ he said, with Zara jokingly adding: ‘That is true.’

The mother-of-three praised Katie Page and Gerry Harvey for putting together the Magic Million initiative ten years ago.  

”What an incredible initiative that Katie has. When Katie gets an idea and runs with it, you know it’s going to be incredible and we really, really feel like a member of the Magic Millions family,’ she said. 

‘And looking at Australia and looking at the Magic Millions specifically, women globally really have something to look forward to and hopefully aspire to in addition,’ she additional. 

Pictured: Zara competes, on her grandmother Queen Elizabeth II’s horse ‘Twinkle’, in the cross country phase of the Barbury Castle International Horse Trials on July 10, 2021 in Marlborough

Adding a message to the Magic Millions initiative and Katie Harvey, Zara said: ‘Thank you for having us for so many years in your life. Masses of luck for this week, what an incredible week it is, the festival, the horses and racing and being involved in such an incredible initiative.

‘We can’t wait to come back down and  hopefully for many years to come,’ she additional.

The event, which takes place on the Gold Coast yearly, is ‘a week-long celebration of all things equine.’ 

It sees horses race along the sand of the Surfers Paradise Foreshore for the Magic Millions obstacle Draw. 

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