Mesothelioma Treatment Therapies (Experimental Therapies)

There are many types of treatment therapies obtainable for mesothelioma, both traditional and experimental. This articles talks in details about the experimental therapies.

Some forms of mesothelomia treatment therapies are nevertheless in their experimental stages. Many of these new treatments are done in conjunction with traditional treatments. Some of these treatments are described below.

Immunotherapy is the time of action of modulating the body’s immune system, consequently turning it into a cancer-fighting tool. This is done in two ways: passive and active.

In passive immunotherapy, patients who do not produce their own anti-cancer immune molecules are administered with drugs such as cytokine and other immune system elements in order to kill cancer cells.

Active immunotherapy, however, is the time of action of setting an immune system in the patient that will fight cancer cells. This method involves the removal of mesothelioma cancer cells. The cancer cells are studied in a lab to determine their antigens, the molecules that are found in the cells’ surface. The cells are then treated to create a vaccine. If an immune reaction against the vaccine is stimulated, the immune system will also work against the cancer cells.

Heated intraoperative intraperitoneal chemotherapy is a more-recent surgical procedure pioneered by Dr. Paul Sugarbaker. This therapy involves removal of tumor followed by injection of chemotherapy agents heated to 40-48 degree Celsius. Combining chemotherapy with heat has been found to increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy. Studies also show, however, that heated chemotherapy is best for tumor less than 2mm in size.

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