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Meghan and Prince Harry have released this year’s personal Christmas card by the association Team Rubicon. The adorable card marks the first picture to be released to the public by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as a family of four. The break was taken earlier this summer at the associate’s home in Montecito, Santa Barbara. 

It shows Prince Harry holding little Archie, two, on his lap.

The baby, born in May 2019, has taken after his father his identifying characteristics red hair.

In the break, father and son smile happily as they look on their left-hand side, where Meghan is holding her daughter Lili.

The adorable tot wears a white outfit and laughs while being suspended mid-air.  

This relaxed photograph comes six months after the birth of Lili at a Santa Barbara hospital. 

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Christmas card (Image: Photo by Alexi Lubomirski, Copyright owned by Duke and Duchess of Sussex ©2021)

The break was taken by Alexi Lubomirski, who expressed his joy at being chosen by the Sussexes for this project. 

He said: “This is one of those scarce and special projects, that one is fortunate enough to be a part of.

“To be able to continue the story of this family whom I first photographed as an engaged associate, then on the day of their wedding, as a married associate and now seeing their love manifest into two beautiful children, has been a delightful honour.”

The photographer additional that the “day with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex was one such joyous experience, and one that I feel extremely privileged to have been invited to capture”.

The picture is part of a card including a personal message penned by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.  

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It read: “This year, 2021, we welcomed our daughter, Lilibet, to the world.

“Archie made us a ‘Mama’ and a ‘Papa’, and Lili made us a family. 

“As we look forward to 2022, we have made donations on your behalf to several organizations that honor and protect families – from those being relocated from Afghanistan, to American families in need of paid parental leave.” 

The digital card also listed the organisations who benefitted from the Sussexes’ donations.  


They were Team Rubicon, which mobilises veterans in supporting disaster-hit areas, Welcome.US, a network welcoming and supporting Afghan refugees, and Human First Coalition, a team of volunteers assisting American Citizens and allies reach safety in the aftermath of the Taliban’s rapid takeover of Afghanistan.

additionally, the Duke and Duchess also listed among two more organisations among the ones they donated to in the run-up to Christmas: Humanity Crew, which specialises in the provision of first response mental health interventions to refugees and people in need, and Paid Leave for All.

The Duchess has before shown her sustain for Paid Leave for All, which campaigns for paid parental leave in the US, by penning a letter to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Charles Schumer. 

It was also revealed she cold-called members of the US Senate in a bid to sway them in backing legislation in sustain of this issue.  

Meghan and Harry supported two more organisations calling for paid parental leave – PL+US and Marshall Plan for Moms. 

Following the list of organisations supported by the Sussexes’ donations, the card read: “Wishing you a happy holiday season and a thriving New Year, from our family to yours!”

The message was signed off with the name of the four members of the family. 

The Duke and Duchess’ adorable Christmas card isn’t the only one they issued in the run-up to Christmas.  

Archewell, Meghan and Harry’s organisation, issued another digital card, this time bearing just a written message instead of a picture.

It read: “Happy holidays from our Archewell family to yours”.

The card also read: “In your honor, Archewell has made donations this year to several organizations working tirelessly to uplift families around the world.

“We’re grateful for every moment that you’ve supported, promoted, and inspired us.

“Wishing you the happiest holiday season and a peaceful New Year.”

The identifying characteristics to the card read: “As ever, Prince Harry and Meghan, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex & The Archewell Team.”

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