Masonic Temple fire – Building in Zanesville, Ohio engulfed in raging …

A enormous blaze engulfed the Masonic Temple in Zanesville, Ohio, late Thursday night.

The historic building, the tallest in the Ohio city, is home to many art studios.


A fire ripped by the Masonic Temple in Zanesville, OhioCredit: Twitter/Christine Holmes


It’s unclear at this time what caused the fire

The Zanesville Times Recorder confirmed that the fire department was on the scene of the blaze at 36-42 N. Fourth Street.

Local reporters on the scene said that they began hearing booms from the building, and fire officials on site were preparing for a collapse.

The building is next to Muskingum County Jail and Court House, but authorities said all inmates and employees were safely evacuated.

The fire reportedly caused several nearby buildings to lose strength.

The cause of the blaze is currently unknown.

Shocking footage posted to social media shows the building completely engulfed in flames as fire crews attempt to control the blaze.

Twitter users were quick to comment on the tragedy of the historic building going up in flames.

“The Masonic Temple in Zanesville is in flames at the moment,” one wrote.

“This building is so important to arts in my hometown.

“Thinking of the artists whose studios and work is ablaze currently.”

The seven-story building is home to several local businesses, art studios, specialized offices, and Masonic organizations.

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