Manafwa Deputy RDC kagenyi lukka intensifies Neighborhood watch crusad…

Recently posted Manafwa Deputy Resident District Commissioner ,Kagenyi Lukka has decided not to enjoy the comfort of his office by combing sub-counties in his area of jurisdiction.

The down to earth President’s representative was on Friday seen in different areas of Buwagogo,Buwangani and Bweswa sensitizing residents on neighborhood watch with an aim of identifying criminals and fighting them straight away.

In his address to the different wanainchi,the RDC challenged the residents to be part and parcel of the crusade that will free their communities of wrongdoers.

“The NRM government under President Museveni ushered in peace that we enjoy on a daily basis and in return you’re able to address issues of fighting poverty.However,once in a while,petty thieves want to destabilize our peace which we as his representatives cannot allow”, he said noting that being vigilant is all the people should do in addition to reporting all suspicious characters to the authorities in his pursuit of a crime free Manafwa district.


He also appealed to locals to embrace government programs since it’s one sure way of being part of the beneficiaries.

The RDC continues to interact with the different stakeholders as part of his familiarization tour of the district. He will move in all the 27 sub-counties and 5 town councils that make up the administrative units of the district.

In his bid to make Manafwa the form district in the complete Bugisu sub-vicinity as regards service delivery in line with government programs of Parish Development form,Emyooga,Operation wealth creation among others,the focused RDC will ensure his crusade is an all inclusive campaign that will bring on board the CAO,Town clerks,Parish chiefs,sub-county chiefs such that supervision is water tight with no room for error in addition to having value for money from the government coffers.

At this speed,the sky seems to be the limit for the vigorous deputy head of security in one of Umukhuka’s districts.

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