Make the Baby Alive Doll Sips and Cuddles Your Little Girl’s First Dol…

Make the Baby Alive Doll Sips and Cuddles Your Little Girl’s First Dol…

More and more these days the baby dolls little girls get are interactive. The manufacturer Hasbro is a leading producer of such toys. In fact their Baby Alive line is among the top such items according to lists such as Amazons best sellers among dolls.

However, for any little girl there is always the first doll that she receives. Hasbro knows this and provides a special one just for such a little girl. It is the Baby Alive My First Doll Sips and Cuddles. Such a cute little thing to be a girls first companion.

Just like the little girl this doll is a first for, the toy itself is little. Only about 10 inches long and weighing in at a pound, she will be easy for the littlest toddler to carry around. This is a product that is recommended for children 18 months and up.

Sips and Cuddles comes in a lime green and pink outfit that has two baby deer kissing on it. She also has booties and a little pink checked cap for her head. What is great is that she is machine washable making it easy to keep her clean as your little girl drags her around by the house, the yard, or wherever she may go.

The Baby Alive My First Doll comes with her own bottle so your little girl can take care of her. When her bottle is held to her mouth she makes sipping sounds and giggles. Better however, this is a bottle that wont get lost as it is sewn to the baby.

As the doll is made of cloth herself she makes a great companion when it is time for bed. Shes very cuddly making her an easy baby to snuggle up with and the cooing sounds she makes are just like a real infant.

This Baby Alive My First Doll Sips and Cuddles will make a great first for any little girl this Christmas. Be sure to get one quick and surprise your little girl with her own cuddly companion under the Christmas tree.

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