Lost a Multilingual PST File Password

Experts suggest that using a complicate password for data protection is a good practice to retain data confidentiality. To implement the same, users usually use different techniques that might help them to create a complicate password. One of these techniques is using two different words from two definite languages. Such passwords are hard to crack. But however, if the user forgets the linguistically complicate password, it might create data inaccessibility which may rule to data loss. Especially, when the lost password is of Outlook PST, it can turn out to be loss of worthy e-mails. The Lost PST Password problems are probable and can rule to grave situations for an Outlook user.

To get an overview of the problem, consider an Outlook user who receives/sends important e-mails from the application. consequently, all the e-mails are stored in his/her default PST file. Now, the user needs to keep the confidentiality of his/her e-mails and other data the same so he/she decides to enforce password protection for the file. Since the user is an expert of two or more different languages, the best option he/she can think of in order to create a PST file password is to pick different language words and position them. So, he/she creates such a password and later, doesn’t use the file for long.

After this, when the user tries to open the PST file using the password, he/she realizes that the last set password cannot be recalled. Neither of the combinations works and hence, the PST file data becomes far away.

The above or similar situations suggest that when you create a complicate password, you should write it down somewhere. However, to retrieve PST Password or remove it, you can use any of the given methods:

1. Download and run pst19upg.exe utility to strip off the PST file password
2. Download and run a third-party tool to retrieve Lost PST Password

Pst19upg.exe is originally not built for removing the PST password, but for upgrading the file. So, it might not work in all the situations. However, a third-party software designed to retrieve the PST file password works more efficiently using specific scanning and recovering algorithms.

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