LGN dramatical change Has Become the New and Improved Passport to Wealth

LGN dramatical change Has Become the New and Improved Passport to Wealth

I Want That Home Based Business That Makes Thousands While I Sleep 

LGN dramatical change is just what the name implies: Looking out for the Little Guy.

In today’s deplorable economy with millions of people losing jobs and homes more people are turning to the home based business markets than ever before. With the thousands of various opportunities obtainable to choose from it is often a complicated task for the first time home based business marketer to decide which method would best suit their needs.

As we have all seen and heard enticing stories about how so many people have become successful with their own home based internet business and earning that whole year’s paycheck in just one month we can not help but to be envious and want to find the overnight success that delivers the automatic income which ensures we will never have to worry about money again.

With each of these business opportunities all promising the possible of earning incredible income with very little or no work required; many people join with the expectation to truly see moment success with little effort only to soon find themselves listed among the over 90% of home based internet marketers who never make a dime and fail miserably. Some people truly believe that all they need to do is simply sign up for their free test excursion then sit back and wait for the bank to call and inform them that their account has surpassed F.D.I.C limits.

When I grow up I want to become a specialized Pester expert.


Let’s do a little reality check here for a minute. Nobody joins these business opportunities because they’ve always had a lifelong dream of beating their head off a brick wall trying to chase their family or friends and anybody who comes within three feet and pestering them to buy things which include: Magic Powders, Potions, Creams, Juice, Cookies, Credit Repair, Travel Plans, Stuff that makes your car go Vroom Vroom, A New Mortgage, A Bigger Penis, or any of the thousands of  “Programs” in between.

The people who join these “programs” or “business opportunities” get involved for TWO Reasons ONLY. The First is: To Make Money and the Second is: To Make Money NOW!   I believe that for the most part the people who seek out which business is right for them to join are looking to find those where others have gotten involved before them and can claim to have done well, and of course become a member of a business that contributes products or sets with the intention of not joining the many out there who feel that the meaningful to success is a without of integrity. Anybody who has been on line long enough soon learns how the internet can be both fascinating and appalling at the same time.

As each year more and more predators come up to cyberspace creating more clever ways to deceive and cheat people; these are the bad apples who spoil the sincere efforts of those who work very hard to become known for trustworthiness and reliability. The internet seems to have a battlefield for good VS. evil. Often time one is mistaken for the other.

The way it works is truly very simple and not rocket science at all. A lot of people will settle on the business they want to join because they were lured in with promises of moment success and riches. Having heard about a superstar top earner that brings in the six figure monthly income they whip out that credit card and begin the time of action of what I like to call mental masturbation which translates to playing with your own head.


Is it true that I only have to work just a few minutes a day?


They listen to the instructions to “plug into the system” and come to the company training sessions expecting to learn how to find that  “Magic Wand” that they can simply add some “Magic Pixie Dust” and wave it around to begin making moment sales and enjoy tremendous income. What they then soon discover is, contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as building a business in “Just A Few Minutes A Day.”

When they are unable to make the necessary sacrifices and roll up the sleeves and get to work and get out there to find the right people to speak with and build that network; then soon find themselves going back to that “Job they were supposed to replace” asking the “Boss they were supposed to fire” for some overtime to pay off all the credit card debts accumulated while trying to “build that business” and meanwhile now hiding behind the caller I.D. for all the harassing collection calls.

MY Sponsor went into the observe Protection Program (Right after I sent my payment in.)

As new members join they now expect the sponsor who contacted them on a regular basis and informed them of all the great features including how the company does all the selling for you to become permanently attached. They now expect the sponsor to become the “Super Sponsor” who drops in any case they are doing at any time day or night to answer questions. Not only do they expect the Super Sponsor to “help them build their business” but already more so, expect the sponsor to build it for them. When they find this not to be the case, then the decline course of action begins. Soon they cancel the membership and do what many do which is set out on a witch hunt to defame the sponsor and the business.

Then suddenly they find time to get to work spreading their failure stories all over the internet and pointing the finger and anything or anyone to blame for their failures. A good example of this would be one of the most exceptional women who many people have heard of, Jeannie Looman. A stay at home mom from Georgia who spent years building one home based business after another while funding these from child sustain payments. After finding her pot of gold with Passport To Wealth she then devoted much of her time and money  to sharing with hundreds of people how she was able to finally unprotected to her success.


While this woman should be nominated for the Mother Theresa award, there are numerous people who are angry that they had not been fortunate enough to duplicate her success and now instead of putting forth the time and effort necessary to do this, they use more time to set afloat vile attacks against her and attempt to take hers away. Let’s confront it folks; The world does not care if you make it. They just get jealous when you do. It seems that the expression “Misery Loves Company” is so true because instead of taking the time and effort to go get their own slice of American Pie, they will make every effort possible to take yours away from you. 

So they give it a fleeting whirl, do not get high overnight; then the next thing you see if they find the time to go create blogs and submit complaints to Rip Off Report.Com and tell the whole world that it is YOUR fault because they were unable to duplicate your success. I think tomorrow I am going to go across the street and ask my neighbor if he wouldn’t mind to water and fertilize his lawn so that it will make my grass grow.

We often hear how not everything is for everyone. Not every person has what it takes to become a born salesperson. If they did, Mc Donald’s would have a harsh shortage of people who could stick their head out of the excursion by window and ask you “Do you want fries with that?” Meanwhile, all along not already realizing they are selling fries however receiving no commission for the sales generated. Yes LGN dramatical change has made it much EASIER for those with NO Sales experience to see results. However, in order for the company to do all the work for you it is clearly in your best interest to get off your keyster and get out there to meet the quality people to introduce to the company.


Forgive that little attention grabber. No I am not selling cocaine. One of the examples I like to demonstrate for people is how some people are born salespersons and do not already realize it. As we all know or have heard about there is a serious drug epidemic in this, and many other countries. The undeniable fact is that so many people have made the fatal mistake of trying to unprotected to moment success by participating in illegal or extremely activities in the hopes of hitting that fast money winning streak.

A drug dealer develops the skills necessary to know how to go out and find the right people to obtain large quantities of drugs, then repackage this into small packages of drugs, then go out and find the people who will soon become regular customers and continue to order their supply of drugs. How do they accomplish this: Do they place ads in the L.A. or N.Y. Times Classified with “Wanted to Buy: Cocaine?” or “I have Cocaine for sale?” however without already realizing it they develop the skills necessary to build a information of mouth business that earns them a tremendous income until of course one of these information of mouth customers is a Police Officer who then dutifully informs them that that business is a No-No and there are certain reprocussions to follow which include lengthy prison sentences and forfeitures of all earnings.

Products and sets Make The World Go Round

As the now retired Don LaPre, who became a multi-millionaire before the mature age of 25 once said, “The trick to becoming high is to find a product or service that people want or need and focus on finding the people who need it.” If you have not noticed by now there is one product that people from any background all want or need and that is MONEY or the ability to earn a lot of it. People from all walks of life and every language all love to make money.

One good example I love to use is Mr. Ray Kroc, the founder of the aforementioned Micky D’s, who took a chain of five stores and turned it into one of the largest corporations in the world from selling hamburgers. Dunkin’ Donuts did it with a cup of coffee, AT&T did it with telephones and the list goes on. How much more simpler can it get than that?

I once knew a guy who made a fortune buying and selling Mattresses. Buying them at a discounted price and reselling them in a local classified paper at discounted prices. The thing I love most about LGN dramatical change is I never have to replenish my product supply. The start up costs and membership fee allow me to have product on inventory at all times that I only Bought ONE time and can re-sell as often as I wish. No having to re-order for each sale makes for a very nice profit margin.

Of course moment success and riches do not come overnight and there are so many “follow the leader” methods along the way. Some will deliver better results than others while some return none at all. There are businesses who have been around for decades that suddenly seem to go belly up overnight while some are in business for less than one year and earn enough millions to open their own bank as the inventor of the Mr. Moonie toy has done with G & L Savings and Loan. Some people have the Midas touch where every thing they put their hand into turns to Gold; IE:  Sir Richard Branson of Virgin, or Mr. “You’re Fired” Donald Trump and on the other end are people who have the defication touch where they touch things that turn into something I can’t mention here as this is a family oriented site.

As many business such as Passport To Wealth and LGN dramatical change gain popularity  the select top earners who, after achieving great success, find their names soon become standard household words throughout the internet such as Darren Gaudry, Bob Williams, the aforementioned Jeannie Looman and many others. consequently,.along come the numerous copy-cats who throw their collective hats in the ring and devote their advertising efforts to compete against or compare themselves to these companies. Using mud-slinging and bad-mouthing they attempt to rule people to think that other businesses are a SCAM or offer worthless products and seem to think this is the most efficient way to entice customers over to their side of the fence. If you have not figured out by now, this is one of the tricks used by many to get free search engine placement. If you want to open a business that competes against Passport To Wealth, LGN dramatical change, EDC Gold, or any other popular name, simply be sure to include those names in your ads that visitors who search for those keywords using Google (etc.)  will be sure to find.

This reminds me of an old trick a yard sale expert  did for free advertising. As the neighbors up the street took the time to create posters advertising their yard sale and post them all around the neighborhoods, this guy would simply wait for the same weekend they held that sale and keep up one of his own. Now as all the people in the area saw the signs the neighbors took the trouble to create and post and arrived to their yard sale, they would notice there is another one being held only a few houses away at the same time. Clever way to get somebody else to pay for your advertising.

NO Inventory or Monthly Auto Ship Required

I would like to clarify that it is not the products that encourage new members to join so much as it is the income to be earned from marketing these products. Although I do remove my hat to Mr. James Ward, the creator and founder of LGN dramatical change for having done a great job of listening to the complaints that Passport To Wealth has received and using this to turn a negative into a positive and removing the errors and obstacles that make LGN dramatical change a much more powerful marketing tool. Having had the pleasure and Privilidge of communicating with James numerous times myself I’ve asked him when does he ever find the time to sleep. This man does a exceptional job of making himself obtainable to all of his team members.

Promptly returning calls and emails personally and making his turn up on many of the team conference and training calls James Ward is the first one I have ever worked with where I feel he takes a sincere interest in growing each member’s business and not just bringing them on board to collect the monthly membership fees. Talk about a bang for the buck, the measly $25.95 membership fee comes complete with ALL of the tools and resources that others charge separtely for. No more being on the hook for a few hundred bucks a month while trying to get started and bring in sales.

already the compensation plan is designed to ensure member’s success. With many of the other $997.00 programs there have been people who put up the initial costs including the required “Pass Up” sales only to find the sales soon stopped and they’ve had tremendous difficulty making the consecutive sales to get the return on investment. In today’s deplorable economy it is realistically much more difficult to find those who can provide the $997.00 start up costs.  No matter how much they shake the sofa; only so much change is going to fall out. LGN dramatical change removes this obstacle as now members can join for as low as only $200.00 and then build up to the $997.00 ELITE level.

What most people fail to realize is that already though these products are at their disposal with complete resale rights, the average Joe on the street could really care less about them and is chiefly interested on focusing on the income earned from the generated sales. Most of the people on the internet have no clue how to install and use many of the software products and most likely never will already attempt to do so. The vacation packages offered are truly exceptional alone. They allow some people who could never provide to visit outside of their own home to enjoy a moment in the sun in some of the most exotic locations in the world. however, as with the software products offered these vacation packages will simply sit in the back office and go un-used.


Advertising Advertising Advertising

I could not stress enough how just the same way the three meaningful words in Real Estate are Location, Location, Location; the three meaningful words in ANY marketing endeavor are: Advertising, Advertising, Advertising. For as long as anyone can remember your whole life you have been exposed to various forms of advertising. How many of us can recognize slogans or logos simply from the continued bombardment of advertising efforts we have been exposed to? When you see the Nike “Swoosh” you think “Just Do It” or when you excursion down the street and see those golden arches you already know “Mc Donald’s” with “over one million served.” Of course that has been recently changed to Billions, but you get the idea. Branding, product placement and continued repetition has been proven to work time and time again.

Or how about “Ivory Soap” with “99.9% Pure” and “So Pure It Floats?” Meanwhile you may think to yourself, “Awww that stuff does not affect me; I pay no attention to that.” Then one day while in the grocery store with the shopping list that includes some soap for the bathroom and going down the aisle you see the bar of Ivory and don’t already think twice before grabbing it and tossing it in your cart.

Most people, especially those just getting started, do not have the extensive advertising budgets that others are privy to. however already some of the Free Advertising resources may prove to deliver better results that some of the most expensive commercial ads. It makes no difference if you can drop a million dollars a minute for television commercials during the Superbowl or simply placing bumper stickers on the back of your car. You need to get your ad out there to bring the eyeballs to your site. One of the new things I have noticed is how clothing manufactures have been stitching logos on the seat of women’s pants. As if to say, “Hey, since you are looking down here anyway; you may in addition read my ad.”  What a great idea. Why didn’t I think of that?  I’m going to ask some sexy girls if they wouldn’t mind  stitching my website address across her butt.

I have found that some free advertising resources have delivered better results than expected. Yes when placing ads on free classified websites we all get bombarded with offers from fellow marketers attempting to entice us to come visit their website and join their business. That is to be expected. In this game we are all compared to a bunch of cows in a corral all Mooing each other. I got white milk over here. I got chocolate here. I have taken out complete page magazine ads for $5000.00 that delivered just 2 calls and then have gotten hundreds of hits simply from placing free ads on places such as backpage or craigslist.

Are you an Expert on how to LOSE money on line?

I could write an complete novel here with the numerous failed experiences I have had over the years in my attempts to find the right “business” to promote. Then again, with the “over 90% who fail” so couldn’t many people. As Thomas Edison once wrote when attempting to find a filament to use for his light bulb that would not burn out; “I have not failed 1000 times. I have successfully found 1000 ways that will not work.” Have you heard of the shared household lubricant called WD-40 and the story how it got that name? When NASA commissioned the lab to come up with a “Water Deterrent” formula that could be used in space, they went by 40 different experiments until they found the one that delivered satisfactory results. Hence the name 4D-40.

Many of us have heard the expression “Practice Makes Perfect” however nothing can be further than the truth as you can practice doing it WRONG a whole lot. Perfect practice makes Perfect. Unfortunately, as we travel by this wonderful growing and learning experience we call live many of us come out with a PhD from the School of Hard Knocks. This is another of the reasons why I truly appreciate the efforts of Mr. James Ward and his LGN dramatical change as the team that shares with new members is not afraid to expose them to the truths of where to go for useful tools and resources, but more importantly, where to avoid. This is another small step to keep the struggling marketer from going broke when they are supposed to be on the way to creating wealth.

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