Ley Lining Planet Earth

Ley Lines are super highways on earth’s surface acting as a conduit for the universal Life Force. The human body mimics these lines via the meridians used and made public by the science of Chinese acupuncture. These lines allow the flow of energy between vital points to ensure the vital force reaches the places which need it most.

So much more is written about them today and in addition there was a time when the ancients used this knowledge to connect most of the temples, religious sites and monuments on our planet. You only have to Google with the words ‘earth energy grids’ and see just how many reference maps pop up showing most ancient sites connect quite easily with other sites. After reading as much as I could about the subject I discovered that the Pyramids in Egypt play an integral part in connecting all of these energy grids upon planet Earth. I have also discovered that most important military installations are today located right on the crossings of such energy lines.

In the early 1990s I had the adventure of visiting Sedona in the North American state of Arizona. For the few days I was there I experienced strong and vivid dreams as I had never done before. I felt a definite energy flowing by my body and was charged with an electricity I could not explain. It was explained to me that Sedona is one of the few places on Earth where there are two energy vortices over the area. One is a female vortex and the other male. I didn’t think much of it until, during my sojourn there, news had broken about some bodies were found in a nearby cave and seemed to have been unprotected to some form of human sacrifice. I have since learned that similar activities often occur where energy grids meet.

Some people may well ask, “So, why should I know about these energy grids, or Ley lines. What’s it to me?” The answer is simple if you consider that the energy flowing across these lines can have an effect on your mental, physical and emotional state of being. Back in Sedona I went by a myriad of emotions all in a comparatively short time and it became apparent that the vortices were responsible for this. In fact, many locals told me that once a month they need to get out of the area for at the minimum three days to have a break from the intense energy.

So, like some people you too can move to an area where you feel most comfortable and find that your passion is re-ignited. Authors, professionals of all types and various entrepreneurs who move to an area which resonates with their own energy find they begin to perform better than before. Today it is possible to work from any location where there is a link to the internet. This happened to my wife and I when we moved to Italy for a few years.

After the Sedona experience I was more sensitive to energy grids and found there was one in existence right on the Italian Swiss border right over Lake Como. Again, the spectacular dreams came back and for the next few years we had an adventurous time as we tapped into the vortex right above us. Each month we took a trip to another European country for a associate of days or so, and what resulted was an already clearer understanding of how to successfully use Earth’s Ley lines for living a richer and healthier lifestyle.

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