Lawyers: Phones Are The New Billboards

Lawyers: Phones Are The New Billboards

What can a lawyer do nowadays to stay in front of clients and brand themselves as leaders of the pack? Simple, stay in front of the thing clients use the most, phones.

There has been a trend with mobile devices over the last decade, mainly that they have become ubiquitous. Not only are most of the searches online happening by mobile devices (58%), but the majority of the adult world (one-third of the world population to be exact) owns and operates a cell phone. That method that if you want to stay in front of clients there’s something already greater than a billboard or park bench. It’s a phone.

Trade shows have caught on and booths have begun handing out products like Screen Cleaner Stickers that stick to the back of a phone and contain a custom logo or message. These trend setters caught on quickly that the best place to be is on the backs of phones by something like a screen cleaner or something like a Custom Phone Wallet.

Why do these products work?

People check their phones hundreds of times a day. Literally, studies have shone that people check their phones almost two hundred times a day. That method that if you put a logo or message on the back of a phone, it gets flashed around a associate hundred times a day for all to see.

The product’s are useful. Let’s take a screen cleaner that adheres to the back of your phone. How many times have you used your pants? Exactly. Using a little microfiber cloth is preferable for the great majority of people. These cleaners have your logo on them and will not only remind your client, but pique the curiosity of all those around.

These products are rare. Considering how many people have phones, probably everybody you know, this product is very rare. I remember the first time I saw one and literally had to stop someone and inquire about what they had on their phone. Not only do I remember the logo I saw that day, but the name of the business. Something rare stands out more and spreads your message in a far more noticable way.

So, lawyers out there, turn your client’s phones into walking billboards that will stick together and spread your message for at the minimum a year. This is a far more cost-effective way to market your practice than an expensive billboard.

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