Law Policies Regarding Mesothelioma

Law Policies Regarding Mesothelioma

Life-threatening mesothelioma is directly related to asbestos exposure. Asbestos was used for many years in construction and manufacturing because of its flame retardant qualities. As far back as the 1930’s, medical evidence was proven that asbestos exposure had health risks. However, especially in the early to mid twentieth century, many companies neglected to protect their employees from exposure to these deadly fibers.

Many companies had to file for bankruptcy after being sued in one mesothelioma lawsuit after another. By the 1970’s, the United States Congress stepped in to try to legislate policies that would provide a fair legal ecosystem for both the companies and their employees.

On one hand, companies were neglecting their responsibility by filing bankruptcy and going out of business instead of confront authentic mesothelioma lawsuits. however, the potential of large compensation caused unwarranted suits to arise from people who weren’t affected by asbestos exposure, but hoped to cash in on the wave of litigation.

Since the effects of exposure to asbestos are so lethal, already someone washing the clothes of an exposed person may be in danger. However this fact has led many unaffected people to hire a lawyer in hopes of receiving a large mesothelioma settlement.

Likewise, the companies involved in the mining of asbestos and manufacturing have sought to protect the interests of their shareholders. Many of the companies set up trust funds to manager each mesothelioma lawsuit as it came to light. Teams of attorneys whose complete-time job is litigating asbestos-related claims have been assembled.

The amount of litigation has increased so much that Congress has received pressure from both sides to enact policies to provide a fair ecosystem for all involved. Several bills have been brought forward, but few of these bills have become law. This is largely because there is equal or greater pressure from both sides of this issue to promote their own interests. While the companies which are being sued want to limit the ability for such situations to be initiated, the mesothelioma attorney community clearly wants to have as little restriction on situations as possible.

It is improbable that a simple solution will be established in the near future. The U.S. legal system will probably continue to be the battleground for victims of asbestos-related disease and the companies who deal with asbestos.

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