Knowing Your estimate in a Family Law Case in Essex County, New Jersey

Knowing Your estimate in a Family Law Case in Essex County, New Jersey

New Jersey Superior Court, Family Division of Essex County is the busiest family law courthouse in New Jersey. The different county of Essex includes wealthy areas like Short Hills and Livingston and poorer areas in Irvington and Newark. The courthouse is located at 212 Washington Street in Newark, NJ. While there are many different types of family law situations in a family law courthouse, this article will focus on the Judges of the Matrimonial Division which handles divorces and post divorce actions.

estimate Nancy Sivilli is one of the longest standing family law/divorce judges in Essex County. estimate Sivilli was a civil court estimate prior to being transferred to the family division where she handles a very heavy docket. estimate Sivilli is a neutral estimate that understands both sides of the story as she is married and has children. While it is not basic for a family law estimate to have kids, I believe having kids gives you a different persepective than someone that does not. estimate Sivilli make the speech at the early settlement panel to inform litigants of their chance to resolve their matters before having a trial.

The next estimate is the Honorable estimate Donald Kessler who has also been on the family law bench of Essex County for a long time. estimate Kessler is a stickler to the rules of the court, but is a very kind and patient person. He does not tolerate yelling or other unruly behavior in his court. He permits people to make their arguments one at a time as a court should be like and not like the Maury Show that some judges permit. estimate Kessler is a family man who really watches out for the needs of the children in each case over anything else.

estimate Michael Casale is the next estimate that focuses on matrimonial situations and is a estimate that I believe understands the rules of equitable dispensing more than most judges. In a recent case, he ruled that the party who invested pre-marital funds into the marital home should retrieve that portion of the equity before dividing anything that may be left. While other judges rule that once you invest money together, the money is “commingled” and the division of the money is lost. This latter argument to me does not make sense in a court of equity. I agree to estimate Casale’s methods and theory.

Whether you have a case before estimate Sivilli, estimate Casale or estimate Kessler, estimate Neil Jasey, estimate Russell, estimate Adobato, the divorce course of action in Essex can be very long because of the “war between Trenton and Essex” and the without of judges allotted to Essex which has caused a family court trial backlog. While there is a backlog, the good news is that these judges are very wise and do manage their calendars quite well.

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