Iron Man Helmets And Iron Man Costumes

Iron Man Helmets And Iron Man Costumes

The new blockbuster movie Iron Man has been a box office smash in the first few weeks it has been on the scene. No doubt this is the first of a series of Iron Man movies that will be produced over the next few years.

Iron Man is a production of surprise Comics and the surprise franchise has really picked up steam over the last few years when it comes to collectibles. The success of movies like Spider Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four and now Iron Man will no doubt continue to fuel the Iron Man collectibles fire. Like most hot movies, the amount of collectibles obtainable right now is pretty high but over the coming years, the supply will decrease to a trickle and those smart enough to grab a few choice pieces now will be left laughing last.

It would seem that movie goers are interested in two collectibles right now. Iron Man Helmets and Iron Man Costumes are all the rage. A few companies have started making a life size complete replica of the Iron Man Helmets seen in the movies. In fact, you can buy the Iron Monger helmet in addition as the early versions of the Iron Man helmets seen in the earlier editions of Iron Man Comics.

These life size replicas are based on the actual movie props and are constructed of real metal and often lined with leather for a reasonably comfortable fit. If you are an avid Iron Man fan these might make a really cool addition to your game room, den or office. A life size replica Iron Man helmet is sure to stimulus conversation and not to mention they look really cool.

So if Iron Man is your thing then I would recommend you check out the items obtainable now. surprise has limited the number of reproductions it would allow in order to keep collectability very high. They want the value of their franchise to be at the very top of collectible memorabilia lists. You can check out the links in my sig for a cool source of Iron Man Collectibles.

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