Invisible Man And Photoshop: 6 meaningful Steps To Making An Invisible Man Us…

Introduction: Invisible man and Photoshop

Ever wondered how to make an invisible man photo using Photoshop? If your answer is yes, you are in the right place. Planning is crucial aspect of making the whole course of action successful. First and foremost, you have to have the right images. Alternatively, you can take your own picture. For these, you will need equipment such as a digital camera, tripod and a stool. You can use any clothing. You also need a sunglasses photo. Photoshop elements 9 and above will work well. Below are 6 important steps that will show you exactly how to make an invisible man picture using Photoshop.

1. Take the picture

Using your digital camera mounted on a tripod, find a appropriate identify and take a picture. You can chose whichever posture you want however in this example, we will consider using freely obtainable pictures online.

2. Copy and paste

After acquiring a appropriate picture, copy and paste it onto Photoshop. Grab the move tools and check all the boxes showing the auto-select inner and bounding box.

3. Hide the confront and hands

After copying and pasting your photo on Photoshop, the next step is hiding the confront. You need to use the Add inner disguise icon located at the bottom of your layers panel. Grab the brush tool and begin hiding the confront. You should use a soft brush for the best results. Make sure the foreground is set to black before you start using your brush. In case you make a mistake, press X to undo and then paint to show parts of the inner.

4. Add the collar

Since it is hard to hide the confront without touching the back collar, you must consider redoing the collar to get the right hollow shirt image. The Lasso tool comes in handy at this point. Make a rough selection of the collar and then use your move tool to drag and drop the area onto the main image. You can lower the inner’s opacity to 50 percent and then click the bounding box. Use your move tool to position your inner perfectly.

5. Insert your glasses and hat

Open a appropriate image with glasses. Use the quick selection tools to speed in and paint over the glasses. If your image has a background, keep up Alt and paint over the background. Use move to drag and drop the glasses perfectly onto the main image. You can re-size the glasses to fit on the transparent confront vicinity perfectly. Repeat the same procedure to add a hat.

6. Clone to finish

Once everything is placed perfectly, create a new inner. Drag the inner on top of the stack and then grab the clone tool. Set Sample all layers and then keep up Alt to sample shoulders. Paint to clone the suit. Cloning helps to tidy rough edges. After cloning, you will have successfully produced an invisible man picture using Photoshop.

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