Internet Marketing – What Do You Think of the "Adsense is Dead&qu…

Internet Marketing – What Do You Think of the "Adsense is Dead&qu…

Are you here: This is a hard-ranging argue started by click flippers that are licking their chops over Google AdSense slaps.

Or here: AdSense is alive, and for white hat marketers, AdSense revenue is way up, and will continue to climb. AdSense is only dead for black hat marketers who disrespect Google AdSense and the financial opportunity provided by Google.

I think everyone that has been able to keep out of the emotional fray recognizes that the AdSense is Dead campaign was strictly produced to sell an over priced course on click flipping.

But what is the truth? Google AdSense revenues seem to be up. But bid prices seem to me to be down. Does this average that a larger number of sites are now hosting AdSense and consequently the average operator revenue is down while Google profits are up?

Can new AdSense templates (like the one to be released today) make up for the stress of the death of Adsense, or is this just another ploy to put money in the pockets of another long-term marketer?

My personal opinion – Google will find a way to ban the new AdSense templates as soon as they become profitable.

My solution to the internet marketer: Stop relying on Google AdSense for revenue, allow bid prices to drop, and use Google AdWords to excursion high-profit traffic to substantial, sales pushed web sites.

My solution involves driving subscriber traffic to my high profit information sites that transform to big dollars for me– and I don’t give Google, click flippers or AdSense templates my dollar.

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