Ice Hockey: The First Step

Ice Hockey: The First Step

Ice hockey is a tremendously fun sport to play but it requires a huge commitment in time and gear to get started just like when you watch the game after buying Red wings Ticket. To be a great hockey player you first have to learn to be a great skater especially that it is a fast-paced physical sport.

It seems a like scary thinking how to balance yourself on those thin blades when you first try learning to skate. You are given two shoes with blades attached to them and asked to go onto a surface of ice and this is the frequent trouble with learning to skate, to get over the emotional and mental barriers.

Here are building blocks necessary to learn ice skating and ultimately become an amazing player:

Put on your ice skates if you have a pair, if you don’t have, you can rent them at your local ice rink. Ice Skates are not like your ordinary shoes; they must be as tight of fit as they can, without causing you discomfort. Loose skates on a beginner will spell disaster right away.

Take to the ice and try to walk with it. Make sure you have your helmet on, because you will probably fall during your first attempt and this would not be your first fall. And also make sure to use all protective gear to avoid hurting yourself.

When you first step onto the ice, try to continue your balance because this is basic in ice skating. If you do not have balance, then you’re going to fall so guide yourself slowly around the boards at first.

Take longer strokes and try to glide. If you try to give an additional flick of the toe/ankle at the end of each stroke, you will get more strength and become a more efficient and faster skater. Bend your knees and move your body with the strokes.

Learn how to stop after you glide. To stop, place one skate behind you with the toe facing away from you and gently drag it behind until you come to a stop. When you do this, your balance will be put on one foot only, so practice skating on one foot to perfect this technique.

Don’t be discouraged by or worry about falling. Don’t give up on learning, and do not give up on yourself. Everybody around you has fallen already professionals when you watch game and already ice skater champions after getting Red wings tickets; it is part of the learning course of action and worrying about it will hinder your progress.

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