HTC Touch Pro 2 Vs HTC Touch Diamond 2 – The 2nd Generation

HTC Touch Pro 2 Vs HTC Touch Diamond 2 – The 2nd Generation

The HTC Touch Diamond 2 and the HTC Touch Pro 2 are impressive additions to the manufacturers portfolio. Both phones have been projected as communication and multimedia oriented devices.

Both handsets are known and written in two formats, the first as we have written them in the first sentence with a space before the number 2, and also without the space as the HTC Touch Diamond2 and Pro2.


The Diamond 2 is light and stylish. Its rectangular form with a 3.2 inch touch screen incorporates ergonomics principles and is compact enough to fit in your palm comfortably. The Touch Pro 2 is larger and heavier owing to wider 3.6 inch touch screen and the sliding physical 5 row QWERTY keyboard it carries in its frame.


Both the HTC Diamond2 and the Pro 2 use the Windows Mobile 6.1 software as their brain. Both phones also sport the same interface namely Touch FLO 3D. Their interfaces are extremely customizable and intuitive. The icons on the interface in both phones are large and finger friendly. The frequently used application icons like email, photos, weather, messaging and music are displayed on the top level of the interface for quick access with finger flicks.

The interface is adequately tactile sensitive in both phones. Since the HTC Touch Pro 2 is a conference phone its interface is specially customized to serve this purpose well. The contacts icons on the interface is all that needed to be flicked to start a multiple party conference call. Special appointment reminders will cue you with phone numbers and the PIN to start conference calls.

Battery Life and Memory

While both handsets are loaded with the same memory capacity-RAM of 288MB and ROM of 512MB, the HTC Touch Pro 2 harnesses the strength of a 1500 mAh lithium-ion battery while the Diamond 2 is powered by an 1100 mAh Lithium-ion battery.

Other meaningful similarities

The HTC Touch Diamond2 has a 5 Mega pixel camera with auto focus to help you take a crisp picture. Although the Pro2 camera also has auto focus attribute it has a resolution of only 3.2 Mega pixels. Both phones have FM radio and Blue tooth connectivity. They both provide blazing fast internet web page loading and downloading using of a new technology called push internet technology. Your mobile internet experience can be enhanced with the help of the Wi Fi technology that both the phones boast of.

Both phones have a Single Contact View characterize that lets you keep track of the latest voice, email and text communication with each of your contacts. The communication history of each contact is condensed in a single screen by this characterize. The details can be accessed from the contact card or in call screen.

A bonus attribute of Touch Pro 2 which is absent in the Touch Diamond 2 is the Straight Talk characterize. This characterize enables conference calls with superior audio quality using the noise canceling microphone and asymmetric speakers. The rear of the phone houses the conference speakers.

The HTC Touch Diamond2 is a functional mobile entertainment phone for the shared man while the HTC Touch Pro2 is the apt choice for a businessman.

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