How to Wake Up My Sleeping MLM Downline

Is there any better strategy to help my lazy downline? Have you faced this same problem and how did you conquer it?

I brought this up because time and again you will have a certain number of downline, lets say maybe a total of 100 but ONLY a fraction of them are really working.

Why is this? I don’t know but what I know is that you can take a horse to the river BUT you can’t force it to drink water!

Here are some suggestions though;

1. What is the real reason they signed up.What triggered them? Go back and find out, maybe they needed a little cash-flow to settle their debt, now that they paid back the money they owed they don’t feel forced to work as hard as before hence laziness.With this group the best you can do is to keep in touch with them, like sending an encouragement email, reminding them of any conference calls etc you just never know it might ignite the spark again.

2. Some are just naturally pure lazy no matter what you do, they won’t do it. This group you can forget about them or alternatively, provide them with great information like Magnetic Sponsoring book, daily blog post, just maybe overtime they will get the courage to pick up the paddle again.

3. Some are plain confused, they get the idea but with so many shining objects around, product launches after product launches, they focus their energy on the wrong activities and forget the fundamentals that drove their business in the first place. Now with this group that’s where as their mentor you should tell them what is important, keep up weekly webinars, interact with them personally and so forth. What they need is a step by step blueprint as to what they should do and when.

4. Keep this in mind though; “Some will. Some wont. So what”

Stay focused on learning skills that will further improvement your marketing knowledge so you can get more reps and help the ones who are serious.Focus your efforts on those succeeding and help them explode already more. Your business will then explode in addition. Ignore those that are not doing anything they either will produce or they won’t. Don’t waste your time on things that don’t help you build your business.

Keep looking for new people! Always continue to fill the pipeline and find more people.

The Bottom line… ¨MLM Down line¨

Your MLM down line need to find the motivation themselves. Continue to keep them plugged in to what’s going on with your company/products and leave them on your email list. Work with the ones who want it NOW. If the others become interested again, they will let you know.

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