How To Lease Winning Trading Strategies

How To Lease Winning Trading Strategies

You are probably familiar with the fact, that one can outsource nearly anything nowadays. In fact, this is exactly what all the big and ultra-successful companies do: let´s consider Apple, Inc., for example. It is one of the most successful companies of the 21st century, with substantial portfolio of high-end products, like phones, tablets, computers, laptops, MP3 players, and many accessories. But did you know that Apple in fact does not produce anything? That is right! All the product assembly and thousands of other related processes and responsibilities are being outsourced instead. You can have a look at the back side of any Apple product and see that it says Designed In California, instead of “Produced In California”. Why?

It is very simple. Because it all works like this: you have an idea. So you design your idea, but then you outsource the assembly/production and many other responsibilities (like accounting, marketing, etc.) somewhere else. Why? Because it is more efficient, cheaper, and mainly – the outsourced company is usually really good in what they do, so it is always better to outsource somebody who masters certain field perfectly, instead of trying to master it by yourself (just imagine trying to be an engineer, an accountant, and a marketing specialist at the same time).

And with the ATS leasing it works quite similar.

You might get an idea that you want to make some money in markets. Why not – many people do this and some companies make already billions of dollars in markets every year. There are more money in markets than you can ever imagine.

But to trade markets successfully, you need a winning trading system (often referred to as “market edge”). However, this is really difficult to find. It costs noticeable length of time to find and often already meaningful resources (I personally regularly work with a team of people and use pretty big amount of money on outsourcing technology, people, programmers, and plenty of other responsibilities). Maybe you already know all this very well already, because maybe you have been working on your own trading for a while, too. But maybe nevertheless without success, or with very limited number of strong trading systems to build up a bullet-proof portfolio. In either way – why not just outsource trading success from somebody who already has proven, profitable trading strategies and verifiable, long-term success?

It usually doesn’t cost much and by doing this – I average leasing a winning Automated Trading System (ATS), which will trade automatically at your account (so you don’t have to do anything), you can leave all the hard work to someone else (the ATS developer), use his own know-how, time, ideas, team, resources, hard work – and all that for just fraction of costs!

And this, in my eyes, is the modern way to build a business. You nevertheless can continue working on your own trading, or you can lease an ATS just for a fraction of time, before you will come up with your own great and strong ATSs, but meanwhile – why to wait? Thousands of people are already resourcing others trading success – so why not you?!

Of course, success is never guaranteed in markets – as in any other business – but you certainly can dramatically increase your odds and maximize the possible. You can take the path that has been already proven by others, and not to experiment beyond the needs.


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