How to Get Genuine Psychic Counseling Without Being Ripped Off (Say No…

How to Get Genuine Psychic Counseling Without Being Ripped Off (Say No…

Who else wants to talk about how to get psychic counseling without being ripped off or being taken advantage of again? If you are anything like I used to be when I first got started on the “paranormal” path, one of your biggest worries is being taken advantage of by unscrupulous psychics or paranormal pretenders out there who are NOT legitimately gifted at all. As a matter of fact, one of the hardest lessons I had to learn personally many years ago was that not only are there fake psychics out there…..some of them are pretty BAD people to boot!

It truly wasn’t until I discovered real, authentic and authentically gifted intuitive’s that I recognized how bad some of my past experiences had been…..and this article is all about saving YOU the same negative energy and experience! Care to know more? Great….continue reading as we take a closer look below!

Okay…..but how can you tell if a psychic counselor is real…..or has your BEST interests at heart?

Honestly? You have to go with your OWN gut. Trust your intuition. Does the person (or simply the advertisement) look real, authentic and genuine?

Or does it look like a used car sales pitch wrapped up in “compassionate” clothing? Does the ad look too good to be true….and if it does, go with your gut! And if you meet a psychic on a forum, or blog and they offer to help you for free… there any catch or condition to their offer of help? The truth is, there are many people out there that lurk and prey on the unprotected…and unfortunately, many people who are seeking psychic advice often fall into the most unprotected camp there is.

Does charging a fee average that a psychic is bad? Do they have to be FREE to be authentic?

Absolutely not. The truth is….the psychic counseling that I use PERSONALLY are all paid sets. There is nothing wrong with paying for specialized counseling…and if you think about it, almost ALL other premium counseling sets charge a fee, right? (think psychologists, psychiatrists, life coaches, mentors and just about every other service focused on helping us get by crisis) The sorts of fee based psychics you should avoid are those that SURPRISE you with high priced fees and sets you didn’t expect (or agree) to pay when you accepted their help. (and this applies to many of the psychics who lurk on blogs and public forums and use “bait and switch” style strategies that are inherently dishonest)

In the end……

The best way to get genuine, authentic and sincere psychic counseling is by seeking out authentic sets straight out the gate. Find reputable networks that have positive reviews, long histories of success and customer feedback that radiates with positive readings. Look for real money back guarantees and stellar customer service policies. And mostly look for psychics who appear to be genuine, caring and truly empathetic. Remember, focusing on giving you the sort of great guidance you NEED to have a bigger, brighter and BETTER “tomorrow” is their job……and your true destiny WILL be revealed when they do it well!

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