How to Find a Real Psychic Online – Discover My "No Frills" Technique For Finding Genuine Psychics

How to Find a Real Psychic Online – Discover My "No Frills" Technique For Finding Genuine Psychics

Are you searching for a real psychic reading? And no….I’m NOT referring to one of those general, vague and hazy readings that so many of us have gotten used to getting online. What I’m referring to is finding REAL psychics. And getting real readings. And learning, gleaning and getting real information that simply blows you away and can’t be explained away as luck, or chance!

Sound like the sort of reading you’ve THOUGHT was impossible to find? It’s not….and I’ve been getting them for close to 10 years on the phone, and more recently, on the Internet in addition! (they don’t call me the psychic junkie for nothing..:-) disinctive to learn more? Great…..continue reading as I proportion a bit about my famous “psychic selection system” below! Read on..:-)

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Sounds a bit serious, doesn’t it? It really isn’t…..but it’s super effective for finding really great psychics, clairvoyants, mediums and intuitive that you can really and truly trust.

The meaningful? Find ONE network (or individual intuitive) that you really truly like. Cultivate a relationship and build a BOND that endures. The one sneaky secret I discovered about psychic readings? They DO get better over time, and the better you know the reader (and the better they know you) the more POWERFUL and transparent the energy is between you.

Now….I know what you’re thinking already..:-) You’re thinking that it would be OBVIOUS that the readings should get better the more they know about you, right? That’s not psychic…it’s just shared sense! And you are right, to a very small degree. But the REAL truth about psychic energy is this: It is MUCH more easy to reach to those who are sensitive, the BETTER the bond is between the sender and receiver. And this is NOT new age nonsense…..but rather, has been successfully studied, replicated and repeated by serious scientists who work with studying psychic energy….and already famous psychic mediums and clairvoyants.

And example? Tests done by the prestigious Institute of Noetic Science showed that people who were SYMPATHETIC to psychic energies were FAR more likely to have psychic experiences (in a LABRATORY setting) than those who were uncomfortable with the idea. Research done at the Rhine Institute at Duke University, and already tests of psychic mediums done at the Windbridge Institute have shown the very same thing….over and over again! The more COMFORTABLE people are, the more easy to reach the intuitive energy between them becomes. And as a side observe…this is already MORE considerably obvious when it comes to more “exotic” areas like mediums who speak to the “dead” and other psychic abilities that science is only now beginning to take seriously…and try to understand.

The Bottom Line?

Look for good networks. Look for psychics that seem trustworthy. And then STICK with them once you find someone you feel a rapport with! It’s NOT difficult to do…and while you may have to “kiss a few frogs” on your way to finding your psychic prince (or princess) the story that you’ll write together thereafter is one that JUST may change your life. (it certainly has mine!)

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