How to Encourage Better Staff  Relationships

How to Encourage Better Staff Relationships

Positively stimulating interpersonal relationships inside an Organization can often rule to an increase in productivity, a warm working air that can expand with a happier workforce.

1. Keep everyone Informed

A simple notice board, company newsletter or for large Organizations a Magazine keeps everyone informed on upcoming events, changes within an organization and helps everyone feel part of a team.

2. Canteens

Larger Organizations usually have a canteen whilst small extent organizations should have a refreshment area, with a microwave and a place were employees can relax, and mix together.

3. Resource Centers

Access to resources are as important as the job itself, resource centers could be a simple computer that could be accessed by all employees or in much larger organizations a library or center.

4. Social or Activity Clubs

Encouraging Social or Activity Clubs inside an Organization can often encourage employees to socialize with each other in a positive ecosystem. In an economic recession, this could help employees substitute vacations with more localized activities.

5. Celebrations

Birthdays, Festivals like Christmas, Idul Fitri or other religious holidays could be famous after work. This often shows a company does care, and helps motivate Employees.

6. Counseling sets

These are particularly important in times of economic change, when a company may have to cut working hours or already lay-off staff. Counseling could help employees affected by this change to accept in a positive way, an unwelcome change.

7. Quality Circles

Allowing members of your Organization to discuss in the open issues around work in an informal setting, often brings positive results, and can sometimes solve issues before they become too serious.

Encouraging Interpersonal relations inside an Organization creates a more positive, and open ecosystem many employees should feel comfortable in. During economically hard times, this could be the difference between a smooth change, and a rough volatile change.

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