How To Choose A Chinese Rug For Your Home

How To Choose A Chinese Rug For Your Home

Among the many types of floor rugs that we can find today, one of the most popular are the oriental rugs. The oriental rugs category is a large family of rugs and one of these is the Chinese rug. Chinese rugs can provide an interesting setting in any home. They can be a focal point of the room, or used to supplement other decorative elements in a room.

If you want to get a Chinese rug there are some things that you should look out for. But before that take a moment to think about what kind of rug you want for your home. Is it an area rug or a runner? Would you prefer a round rug or something rectangular? These floor rugs are most often found woven in wool. However the newer ones can be found made from synthetic materials in addition.

Another thing to think about is what age rug you want for your home. You can find Chinese rugs in three different categories. They are the antique, semi-antique and current rugs. Anything that is older than 60 years is considered an antique. Those between 25 to 60 years of age is considered semi-antique. And others that are less than 25 years of age are current rugs. Today, antique rugs are scarce and can cost a lot more than the commonly found current ones.

When choosing rugs also, it is good to know that these rugs made in China traditionally use typical motifs and simple designs. typically it uses a medallion layout and has a wide border. The rug itself may depict motifs from character like flowers, animals and clouds. Sometimes you will find rugs with stylized ideographs while others have a complete scene. There are also carved rugs. Carved rugs refer to those rugs that are sculpted. This technique is usually done for simple patterned rugs to give them a more interesting texture and look.

The great thing about Chinese rugs is that the designs that are used are very literal, and the motifs usually have exact meanings to them. Among the shared motifs that you can find on Chinese rugs include the dragon which represents strength and authority, the phoenix which symbolizes happiness and peace, the butterfly that represents luck, the fish that signifies abundance, the peony that represents nobility, love and wealth, and the lotus that symbolizes purity. Other geometric shapes and signs are also used like squares, octagons, and the Chinese fret or repetitive swastikas.

Choosing a Chinese rug for your home is now much easier as you would know what to look out for. You also know a little about the designs and motifs which average that you can pick the best motifs representing the values and qualities that you want for your home.

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