How to Build Your List Quickly and Inexpensively

How to Build Your List Quickly and Inexpensively

Are you toiling away at free marketing strategies to try to build an email list? Or maybe you are nevertheless throwing your money away on expensive pay per click advertising. If you are not using this strategy to build your list, then you are missing the boat.

Mobile Marketing is not just some fly by night trend. It is where everything is headed. All of the major cell phone carriers are pushing their customers to buy smart phones. An additional subscription to internet access is not optional with these new smart phones.

People will pay their cell phone bills before they pay for rent or electricity. They also take these phones with them everywhere.

Kids already talk their parents into buying these smart phones for them and also paying their phone bills. That method that there is a whole generation of kids that are being programmed not to be able to live without a smart phone.

What does this average to you as a marketer? Gold Rush!

When Google AdWords first came into existence over a decade ago, you could advertise for pennies per click. Now some keywords on Google cost $5.00 or more to bid on. This method you that you can go go broke just by testing a few campaigns.

The good news that AdMob is where AdWords was 10 years ago. You can advertise for pennies per click on this new marketing medium that is clearly the wave of the future. shared sense should tell you that in ten years or less, AdMob will be just as expensive or as competitive as AdWords is today.

This cell phone advertising platform is easy to navigate, and is set up similarly to most pay per click advertising networks online. The minimum advertising budget is $50. I would recommend studying a Mobile Marketing course so you can get past your learning curve much quicker. You will also need to be able to optimize your web pages to show up properly on cell phones. You can outsource this task on a website like or

One thing to keep in mind when you run your mobile campaigns is that marketing is marketing. You will nevertheless need to find a winning campaign and be able to turn your advertising dollars into profits.

However, it is much easier, and less expensive to run your campaigns and learn while the mobile industry is nevertheless comparatively young.

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