How to Book Corporate Event Venues – 5 Vital Factors To Consider

How to Book Corporate Event Venues – 5 Vital Factors To Consider

The speakers and the session schedule are two aspects that most managers focus on while planning a corporate event. After all, they are crucial to the success of the meeting or motive. But selective the correct venue is equally basic. An aptly chosen site can rule to an incredible networking experience, and a poorly picked place can turn into a meeting where everyone eyes the exit door.

A corporate event site should only be chosen after diligently considering pros and cons, just like a wedding reception venue. Here are the top 5 factors to think over while picking a place for training, meeting, exhibition or workshop.

  • The Space

When reviewing a location take a close look at the space and layout. Does it meet the requirements of the event? To find the answer, question the following:

  1. Is there a capacity limit?
  2. How flexible is the floor space?
  3. Can rooms be changed around if needed?
  4. Will you have complete use of the venue?
  5. Will other events be taking place simultaneously?

A pivotal component to check is the seating capacity of the main room. There is no use of booking a site meant for 200 people when only 60 are attending. The conference will appear ill-attended and leave a bad impression on sponsors and delegates. Another aspect is taking a gander at the outside spaces. Decks, lawns, gardens and patios are most often the areas where people network. Make sure that the venue has abundant of it and obtainable for use.

Break rooms, stages and a separate section for sponsors are some additional topics to think over. The easiest way forward is to talk to the venue manager. They will be able to adjust to almost all needs in some manner or the other, already if it is not apparent.

  • The Accessibility

Most meetings and conferences happen in outstation locations. It method the venue needs to be nearby to the airport, aim stop or some central transportation center. Only then will delegates be able to reach it easily without facing any troubles which will create an excellent first impression. Direct connection to major roadways is one characterize of importance; the other is parking. There should be abundant space for parking conveyance. If there isn’t, find the answers to:

  1. Can alternate arrangements be made for parking?
  2. Will there be additional costs connected to it?
  3. Is there need to book transportation for the attendees like a taxi or bus?

In the off chance that the event is local, try to select a venue that is close to the office, if high attendance is needed. If a change of scene is the goals, pick a site that is farthest to the office.

  • The Package

A venue that offers a clear pricing picture is always the better option. consequently, when asking for a quote be sure it is detailed. For this, discuss all the activities of the event with the venue manager. It will help provide all the probable fees and costs associated with the complete event. Things to ask are:

  1. What is the venue fee inclusive of such as service and taxes?
  2. Is there set-up and/or break down charge?
  3. Is there a fee for linens, tables or chairs?
  4. Is there a minimum on food and beverages?
  5. Are Wi-Fi and audio-visual equipment included?
  6. If not, what is the additional charge?

When comparing two venues make sure you are not comparing an all-inclusive quote with a slightly priced one.

  • The Ambiance

The air and décor of a venue are intangible factors that can set or break the tone of an official meeting. For example, if the event is about brainstorming a new product, the ecosystem has to be bright, fun and inspirational. A place that has a specialized image will not be conducive to pumping creative juices. consequently, consider the décor of the location. Little things like lighting and furniture and noticeable elements like architecture, all of them contribute to building a persona.

As per the need of the event, select a venue that invokes a similar response. An award ceremony will be best suited in a sophisticatedly styled location. A decisional meeting will be ideally held at a polished venue. One last tip is to keep an ear out for the acoustics. Noises and sounds from nearby places or roads can ruin already the most dramatically sites.

  • The Amenities

For corporate event venues, provide every facilities. It is, consequently, imperative to find out which sets are included in the package. The questions to put forward are:

  1. Can there be special catering which entails dietary requests?
  2. Are floral arrangements inclusive?
  3. Will pads and pens, audio-visual sets and IT sustain provided
  4. Staging, lighting, and decor for the event are in-house or not?
  5. Will ticketing, transportation, and sight-seeing tours be catered to for the guests?

Any additional service provided by the venue is one less chance of a mishap occurring. Always choose a site that offers at the minimum some of them.

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