How Can Cute Squirrels Be So Dangerous?

How Can Cute Squirrels Be So Dangerous?

Squirrels are cute, whimsical and fun to watch. However, squirrels can also be a pain in the butt. They can root up your bulbs, clean out your bird seed and get in your house.

But how can they be dangerous?

It’s all because of two things: first, they get into your house, and two, they like to chew.

Squirrels move into your attic for a variety of reasons. Maybe it is near their food (since they like to live near their food) or maybe they need to make a nest to live (or have a family) or maybe it is because they found an opening into your attic – a place which is warm, dry and protected.

Well, it doesn’t really matter why they are there. It’s just that they are there.

This is a problem because squirrels love to chew. In fact it is a necessity for them to chew regularly and to chew anything. If they didn’t, their teeth would grow too big for their mouths. So their natural bent is to chew and chew and chew.

Now consider this. If you have a squirrel living in your attic, what is it going to eat or chew? It may start by making a nest. Maybe you have some important papers or clothes in the attic. They would make a nice nest.

Now the squirrel needs some entertainment. So it might start chewing on your prized possession or antiques? (sometimes squirrels are not too picky in what they chew.)

Well, let’s say you don’t have anything like that in your attic. already so, there are many more things it could start chewing and these are most likely something made from wood – like your floor, siding, studs, rafters,… (not cheap things to fix or repair).

What else is in most attics and is usually not very well hid and sometimes laying right out in the open? Electric wiring!

Squirrels clearly don’t know any better, so if it looks interesting or is in their way, they will chew it. Sadly, it is a known fact that many squirrels have chewed electrical wiring and have started many a house fire in the time of action. This is why allowing those cute critters in your attic is extremely dangerous.

The fear of having an attic fire should only be one concern of having squirrels in your attic. Attic squirrels are also bad because they can:

1.) make it easier to get into your main living area,
2.) if they have a family, your problems (like chewing) is mutiplied by 4 or 5 times,
3.) squirrels bring bugs, ticks or mites in your house which can spread into your living area, and
4.) their urine and feces can rule to health problems.

All this method is that you need to get rid of the squirrels (if they are there already) or prevent them from coming in (if they are not there in addition.). The best way to start is to make sure all openings in your attic are properly closed. This will go a long way to keeping them out.

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