Honda FG315 Mid-Size Cultivator

Honda FG315 Mid-Size Cultivator

If you are a keen vegetable grower, the Honda FG315 cultivator could be just the machine for you. Whether you grow in your garden at home or on an allotment, you will appreciate the additional capacity for work that the FG315 has over a mini tiller – if you have a smaller garden a smaller, lighter lighter Honda FG 201 might suit you better.

However the FG315 has greater capabilities – a 160cc 4.5 hp OHC motor and a working width of 800mm – so any jobs around a medium sized allotment or garden can be tackled. Heavy jobs such as preparing new beds, breaking heavy ground or just digging in green manure can fill the best of us with foreboding. In the worst case some find that they have to give up growing their own completely. If you have a machine such as the Honda FG 315 you will not have to worry about that at all.

The adjustable Y-shaped manager can be set at a height that suits you, and folds up for storage. It has the ability to swing to the side – so you can avoid walking over newly-turned earth. You get meaningful advantages in maneuverability from the reverse gear – very useful when working particularly heavy ground, as the last thing you want to be doing is heaving machinery around.

An important point to observe is that the FG 315 has a front wheel – this is vital on a mid-size tiller weighing 46 kg, as it helps to prevent the machine sinking and gives you far greater control over the tilling thoroughness.

Crop-protection discs are supplied – these permit you to work along paths, fences and crops without damage. A dead mans manager is a great safety characterize which stops the blades if you accidentally lose grip on the controls.

The machine is covered by Hondas complete 5 year warranty which is testament to their confidence in their products.


Engine 160 cc OHV 4-stroke 4.5 hp

Speeds 1 Forward, 1 Reverse

Working Width 800 mm

Blade diameter 220 mm

Length 1700 mm

Width 600 mm

Height 1000 mm

Noise Level 96 dB(A)

Weight 46 kg

The Honda FG315 looks to be an ideal mid-size cultivator. Surely its better to let a cultivator manager the heavy back-breaking work in the garden or allotment, so you can look forward to sowing, planting and harvesting – the rewarding bit! At a great price for a machine of this size, we think that you cant go wrong.

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