Home Mortgage – A Deeper Insight Into Its Pros and Cons

Home Mortgage – A Deeper Insight Into Its Pros and Cons

Buying a house is such an ardent experience because of the fact that you have achieved your long day’s dream. However, what come next are the mortgage problems that you are going to encounter. Home mortgage is a smooth and easy course of action when you deal it in the right way. However, sometimes it turns out to be a little messy especially for first time buyers when they take a wrong move.

Prequalification and pre-approval is required when u get a mortgage before buying a home. The people who are benefited by this course of action are:

Yourself: – Prequalification makes you head in the right way by setting rates for the variables like past income, debt, credit history, variations in different mortgage types etc. in the application form. It gives you a clear sense of direction.

Agent: – Since your agent is well aware of your mortgage parameters, it will be easy for him to look for a house that fits your range.

Seller: – A seller always chooses an offer that is pre-qualified because he will have only a second thought on ‘I will get back to you soon’ buyer who he cannot trust.

The first step for applying home mortgage is to fill the application form, which has details like personal earnings, monthly expenses, employment record, the house you are going to buy, debts to pay the mortgage etc. The lender will not approve the application if the credit history is not satisfactory.

The financial condition of the buyer marks an important deciding factor for the mortgage payment. A real estate judger will be consulted for the estimation of the character. This decides the amount of mortgage that is required by the buyer.

Loan decision affecting factors for house mortgage

o If the down payment offered by you is not sufficient, the lender goes for other mortgages that suit down payment.

o If the appraiser underestimated the value of the character, the buyer can ask for re-examination. If the amount has already been paid, a copy can be received from the lender.

o If the lender is not satisfied with the credit history, the buyer can explain him the debt ratios with the credit history standards.

Federal law plays an important role in preventing injustice that may possibly occur to the buyer or seller in the name of sex, creed, race, religion or physical disabilities. Federal law tells that

1. The lenders should willingly provide you the information like how to apply for the loan etc. 2. They should consult with the buyers about the various mortgage plans and analyze on which suits them the best. 3. They should be proactive in taking a decision without any delay after the buyer submits the application form and the other necessary details. 4. The lender should not have race or religion as the priority depending upon the neighborhood of the house that the buyer is going to buy.

These regulations, when followed correctly, can help you in settling with a smooth home mortgage course of action.

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