Holding On To Negative Thoughts Reduces Your Chance of a Cancer Cure

Holding On To Negative Thoughts Reduces Your Chance of a Cancer Cure

The problem with most people in life is the fact that they shelter negative thoughts, in fact most of us at some time or another are holding first class tickets to the idea that we are not worthy of…at any rate it is we dream about.

However what we fail to realize is that with the correct mindset, we can truly unprotected to anything. It takes just thirty days to make a habit, not necessarily a good habit, just a habit. So for example if you stop walking daily then after thirty days you no longer exercise period. It has become easier not to do something.

Unfortunately that is a luxury not afforded to cancer survivors, what makes the difference between people who survive cancer and people who do not is the mindset. Of course treatment is of vital importance but deciding on your treatment is also of vital importance. To do that, you have to be in control and to be in control you have to be clear in deciding what it is you want.

Precisely what that is, is of course up to you, it cannot be dictated by your friends, your family or your partner. At the end of the day when the chips are down, it is what you want. When you have been diagnosed with cancer it is imperative that you take action, despite being plagued with self doubts, anxieties and fears you need to act to empower yourself. Unfortunately your cancer has not grown overnight and it will not go into remission overnight, ahead of you have some very, very tough choices to make. This is one time in your life when you have to take control.

Once you have made your choices you need the sustain of everyone and anyone whom you can enlist. Surround yourself with positive people, do not get bogged down with negative energies, now is not the time. For most of our lives we can drift and we can put things off, we all have our dreams, but there is a big difference in having dreams and making those dreams a concrete reality.

What often stands in the way of ordinary everyday human beings is the inability to say “NO” a very simple short information, one syllable really. Babies learn to say it very early on in life, but somehow most adults can’t utter it. Before saying no, decide if you want to say yes to, what is truly important to you, and by that it had better be something that you really want because your life may well depend on it.

Many of us have complete lives with family commitments, work commitments, a network of friends, but there is not necessarily room for all of these things when you have just been diagnosed with cancer. Make room in your life for what is important in your life; if you have decided to do at any rate it takes to survive then make sure that you can do so. Believe in yourself and your worth and make the time to do what it rakes, already if that method major rescheduling. Rest, diet health is all important but statistically those that you use others intelligently are more likely to survive cancer. Work out where you are now and where you want to be because no one else can do it for you.

by: Rita Goldman

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