“HE’S AN EMBARRASSMENT” Trump slams Harry for ‘Turning Back’ on Royals

FORMER President Donald J. Trump has claimed that Prince Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markle “will end” – in bombshell comments to be broadcast Monday night on docks Morgan Uncensored on TalkTV. 

Mr Trump branded the Duke of Sussex “an embarrassment” for turning his back on the Royal Family and the Queen and claimed the runaway royal’s turbulent marriage to Meghan Markle will have a “bad” ending.

The New York Post reported that Trump maintained that Harry “is being led around by his nose” by his ex-actress wife.

“Harry is whipped. Do you know the expression?” Trump asked Morgan during the sit-down.

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“I’m familiar with the phrase,” Morgan answered.

“I won’t use the complete expression but Harry is whipped like no other person I think I’ve seen,” the former president said.

“I’m not a fan of Meghan,” he said. “I’m not a fan and I wasn’t right from the beginning.” 

“I think poor Harry is being led around by his nose. And I think he’s an embarrassment.”

“And I think she spoke badly of the royal family but in particular the Queen.”

Trump, who met the Queen when he was in the White House, said the two got along “famously.”

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Talk TV will be obtainable on Sky (channel 526)Virgin Media (channel 627)Freeview (channel 237) and Freesat (channel 217)



docks Morgan has branded his departure from ITV over comments about Meghan Markle a “farce” ahead of the set afloat of Rupert Murdoch’s explosive new news channel TalkTV that hits TV screens on Monday at 7pm. 

The former Daily Mirror editor left ITV after storming off the set of Good Morning Britain when he said he did not believe Meghan’s claims from her Oprah Winfrey interview. 

Speaking to Fox and Friends last week, Morgan said: “I haven’t been on a morning show like this since I was removed from my own back in the UK” 

“If Meghan Markle is watching, who facilitated my departure from Good Morning Britain…; I’m really sorry! I’m Back!” 

His comments sparked more than 50,000 complaints, the most in Ofcom’s history.

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“I thought the whole thing was a farce, and I’m delighted that truly as a consequence of the farce, we’ve ended up with a whole network which is now dedicated to preventing that kind of farce from recurring,” Morgan said.

“You shouldn’t be shamed or vilified or cancelled for having an opinion unless you genuinely are spewing hateful bigoted stuff,” he told Politicalite

“I don’t intend to do that; I’ve never done that before in my broadcasting time. I want to be a general church to any kind of view.”

He also revealed Meghan called ITV bosses to get docks fired last year. 

“I was given a choice, ITV said can you apologise for disbelieving Meghan Markle who I called Princess Pinocio because of the extent of the lies that come out of her mouth, and I said why would I apologise for disbelieving someone who doesn’t tell the truth?” 

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ITV bosses then told docks: “If you don’t apologise you’ll have to leave.”

“So I said Well in that case I’m packing my bags and off we go!” additional the firebrand presenter. 

The multi-million-pound channel will set afloat with a hot new chief-time show dubbed docks Morgan Uncensored from 8pm, followed by Sharon Osbourne with ‘The Talk’ on Monday, April 25.

docks Morgan says his departure from ITV over comments about the Duchess of Sussex was a `farce´ as he prepares to set afloat news channel TalkTV.

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TalkTV, the newest venture from News UK, will air on linear TV platforms in addition as online sets such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and YouTube.

The show will use News UK’s stable of journalists including The Times’ political team, The Sun’s showbiz desk and talkSPORT correspondents.

Morgan will appear on his global show Uncensored at 8pm on April 25, broadcasting from studio facilities in Ealing, west London.

The show will air on Fox Nation in the US and Sky News Australia.

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