Has Your Mortgage Been Sold?

Has Your Mortgage Been Sold?

If your lender has any knowledge of your mortgage being handed off to another servicer or mortgage company then he needs to let you know this fact at closing. Mortgages get sold everyday and it is your right to know if there is a chance of this happening to yours. Those who buy your mortgage could be any kind of financial institution, a bank or credit union, another mortgage company or an investor. There are companies that specifically go out to buy mortgages in order to make money off of them. Many people find that their mortgage passed by a few different owners throughout its term.

A mortgage servicer is going to do a few different things for you. It will be up to the mortgage servicer to collect your monthly payments from you and their responsibility to course of action them in addition. It is also this service that will send the payment to those who own you’re your mortgage. basically this service is working for your lender and not you.

It is also this service that will be the ones paying your taxes and your insurance from the escrow account that has been set up for this reason. They should also send you a mortgage statement that will show how your mortgage payment is broken down. This statement will also show any adjustments to your payments for the next year.

It is also the job of this service to counsel you in how to mange your mortgage. This method helping you to sort out any problems that happen due to missed payments. They have things in place such as forbearance or a deferral of principal and interest payments that can help you to deal with any difficulties that you have run into in your finances. And if you cannot sort out your finances and foreclosure is the only option left to the lender it is the service that will carry this order out.

Mortgage servicers have to follow some rules and guidelines. If your loan gets passed off to a new servicer it is the responsibility of both servicers to let you know of this fact in writing. And the new servicer cannot completely change the conditions of your mortgage when they take over.

When the new servicers take over there is a chance that your insurance will be affected, if this is the case then you should be notified of these changes closest. You will also have a grace period of 60 days in case that you send the payment to the wrong place.

Sometimes when you have a new servicer you will have some initial wrinkles that need to be ironed out. You will need to put these issues to the servicer in writing. But never stop paying, keep paying already while you are trying to work out the problems. It is the law for the servicer to look into all of your claims. They need to address any problems within 60 business days.

Keep an eye out for any mistakes on your mortgage statements. You need to be sure that all of your payments have been recorded and made on time. And keep all records of everything that you get from the service, this method any checks or letters that you have received and copies of things that you have sent just in case you need them down the road.

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