Gut Feelings and Beyond

Do you ever get gut feelings about things? It could be about anything, really. At one time or other, most of us remember having a gut feeling about an event before it truly happened. We usually remember about our gut feeling after the event and vow to pay more attention. But we forget or don’t trust ourselves.

What if I told you that gut feeling you perceived is the beginnings of additional-sensory perception or ESP? We all have the ability sleeping within us. It is part of our innate abilities that are stronger in some that in others. Developing these abilities takes patience, determination, focus and practice but it can be done. Sometimes it about making that gut feeling a little stronger or developing any of the other kinds of ESP.

The most famous and well known form of ESP is clairvoyance. It is what some psychics use to answer your questions. It is also the skill used for far away viewing. The military of a number of world countries have trained personnel to use far away viewing to gather intelligence information. These people have been trained how to see over distance, targets that are out of their field of physical site. It is a highly effective way to get answers to questions if you don’t have a personal investment in the answer.

The seeing happens without the use of the physical senses of the body, like sight. The person knows that something is, has or will be happening, out of the range of their sight either before, now or in the future. Some people call this prophecy or precognition. Any of these ESP tools can be used to see an object, person, place or event that is out of the line of their physical site. It can already be on the other side of the world.

The gut feelings you experience is called clairsentience. With the further development of the gut feeling, a person can get information by feeling and touching. An invisible force presents information that a clairsentient can picks up and interpret with their brain, usually in the form of thought. The feelings that a clairsentient gets are usually about objects, people, places and events that are out of their view or are some distance away, in the past, present or future. It is like an impression on the mind. With gut feelings, it is more instinctive, but with awareness and training this sense can be developed.

Another form of ESP is called clairaudience. A person with this skill will hear sounds about an object, person, place or event that is out of the normal range of hearing. Hearing sounds, noises or voices that others cannot hear or that cannot be picked up on sound equipment is characteristic of clairaudience. This is totally different than people with psychoses that hear voices telling them to kill people. Clairaudience is a skill that can be used at will and is idle when not in use. Clairaudience can be confirmed historically with gifted channels, providing accurate accounts of past events that match historical records.

Clairalience is another form of ESP that involves a sense of smell other than the nose. Individuals with this talent can smell odors, pleasant or otherwise that no one else can smell in the vicinity. For example, if a deceased women used a very distinctive perfume a strong clairalient may pick up that odor and be able to relay the information to a living relative. They too, can historically relay scents of gasoline or gunpowder that may be useful at an old crime scene, for example.

The next form of ESP is clairgustance. This is where an individual can taste different flavors, already though they have not eaten and there is no food present. In certain situations, there are useful applications to this skill, aside from the fact that if you like chocolate fudge brownies, you can appreciate them all day long.

The final ESP skill is Claircognizance. This skill is probably the most difficult to explain. It is certainly difficult to define, other than to say it is a surety and a knowing that something is true about a person, place, object or event. A good claircognizant will be accurate in what they say about what they know.
In many ways we don’t know how ESP works other than to say that people with these skills pick up impressions or vibrations of energy and interpret them in a way that is accurate and understandable. All of these skills can be learned and there is nothing related to illness that accompanies any of them.

Psychic occurrence scare some people and are unbelievable to others. Saints all down by history have had one or more ESP skills that they have used for the assistance of others. Maybe it’s time to see what your strong suit is and develop it so you can be more authentic and in harmony with your dreams and aspirations.

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