Graveyard Shift: How To Stay Awake All Night

Graveyard Shift: How To Stay Awake All Night

These past few days, I have been trying to stay awake all night during graveyard shift working hours. My body clock has been adjusting tremendously with the waking and working hours. The hours starting 11pm to 2am are the most tempting, most fierce battle against downtime sleepiness. I could catch myself sleeping while sitting without the intention of falling asleep. Truly, the body craves for a shut eye and it does without any warning.

I stopped drinking coffee about a associate of weeks ago since it always leaves me with a painful abdominal cramping later in the morning. I tried to hydrate myself with water and sometimes, cold tea.

I found these ways extremely helpful in staying awake all night without sacrificing so much your health in the time of action. If you are stuck with the concept that your body could not adjust to graveyard shift, you’re dead wrong. The body is amazingly and wonderfully engineered and designed to adapt to just about any life circumstances. If you only realize what it can do, you will know what to do. So the following are some of the many ways to help you stay awake all night during graveyard shift.

1. Sleep an hour or 2 hours before your shift starts. This will energize your body as it prepares you to last the first 3-5 hours of the shift.

2. Although coffee is a known antioxidant and stimulant, it also has an acidic level of 2 which is very acidic. It will revamp the acid in your stomach and will rule to acid reflux later in the morning or worse gastric ulcers. Coffee can also dehydrate your body since it is a diuretic substance that pulls your fluids and excretes them as urine. For hydration, stick with the basic – WATER. You can alternate warm and cold water during the whole shift. Warm water works well when the AC is halting.

3. Jumpstart your shift with pumped up music. Somehow, hyped music can alert your auditory nerves and wakes up the sleeping brain.

4. Chew peppermint gum. Mint has a direct effect to the brain. It stimulates the brain and keeps it active. The glucose content in mint gums can also rev up the body and gets it going. So keep it handy in your pocket.

5. Walk-Jog-Run, when you are extremely drowsy, walk the hallway, jog in place or run up and down the stairs five times to get your blood circulating the system. This will release heat, adrenalin hormones and get your muscles working waking up your whole body.

6. Substitute ordinary peanuts for Almonds or Cashew nuts. Yes, they are more expensive nuts but they have similarities that stimulates the brain, plus less oil too. If you are a health buff, you would invest in healthy foods no matter how expensive they are. Hospitalization is more expensive than adding up all the healthy expensive food purchases.

7. Drink vitamin tablets and eat a healthy meal. A complete nutrition will keep your body in good feeling and shape. Don’t cut cost in your meals. Fast food can rule to fast dying. Avoid it at all cost. The oil in those food will block your veins and arteries, the sugar can rule to weakening diabetes and its effects to the body is useless. Meat can make you drowsy, french fries can make you sleepy, oil hidden in those food can make you fat. Get the picture?

8. Splash cold water to your confront. It stimulates nerves and wakes up relaxed and ready to sleep muscles.

9. At every start of the shift, set your goals. Then provide a treat for every goal met. This can keep you motivated to work all night. If you compromise this, have a friend or a lover set the goal and the reward so you will always stay awake to work and don’t let him/her compromise with you.

10. WILL strength. There is no greater way to stay awake all night than to have the will to stay awake all night. If you don’t motivate yourself, no one and nothing can make you stay awake. It takes a lot of practice to have a strong will. Start training your Will strength with simple goals and try to unprotected to them without compromise or fading. For example, list down the things you want to do for the day, and stick with achieving the to-do list. Then move from daily lists to weekly, then to monthly, yearly and and so on. Will strength starts in the mind. If you aim it well, you can do just about anything. If there’s will there’s a way, as they say. And it’s very true to all aspects in life!

I am a health buff so I make sure I resort to the best options in dealing with stress without adding more stress to my body. The above list is all health promoting ways to keep you awake all night. Health is wealth so it is just fitting to uphold it above all else in your career.

I hope these ways work for you too. Working in the graveyard shift is financially rewarding. consequently it is empirical that you give back to your most valuable asset in working – your HEALTH!

Long live the vampires! =)

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