Georgia Mortgage Rates – Going Up

Georgia Mortgage Rates – Going Up

Ouch! Georgia mortgage rates continue to crawl up. More than 15 times over the past three years Georgia mortgage rates have been climbing, with no end in sight. If you are already in your home and have a low, fixed rate mortgage then good for you. If you are like the majority of people in the Atlanta, Savannah, and Macon areas you are feeling some pain…a lot of it if you haven’t refinanced in two years. All is not lost in the Peachtree State; refinance today and it won’t matter if they continue their surge toward double digit excess.

That brand new 5 bedroom, 3 bath home would be just right for your growing family of four. Everyone gets their own bedroom with room leftover for off of town guests and extended family members to visit. Unfortunately, what may have been within your price range just six months ago could be soon out of reach, unless you take action right away. Here are some options to help you obtain a loan that is right for you despite high Georgia Mortgage Rates.

Search Online – Thanks to the internet, consumers can compare rates like never before. Visit to find out the lowest interest rates in your area in addition as the various mortgage options obtainable to you. Get at the minimum four quotes and don’t settle simply for the lowest rate: you may be able to get an already lower one with a little bit of negotiation on your part.

Run Your Credit Report – Have you run your credit report lately? What is your credit score? If you have any hits against you on your credit reports, you could be quoted Georgia Mortgage Rates that are higher than expected. Run your report today, contest anything in your report that is incorrect, and acquire your credit score too. The higher your credit score, the lower the Georgia Mortgage Rates will be. possible savings to you could be hundreds of dollars per month in mortgage payments.

Visit Your Credit Union – Traditional banking arrangements have been turned on their head thanks to online banking, the rise of savings and loan institutions, and credit unions. Your credit union may be in the position to offer to you a Georgia mortgage. already if they don’t offer mortgages, chances are the credit union official will have a grasp on Georgia Mortgage Rates and be able to steer you in the right direction. Don’t settle for the rate quoted to you by your bank; lower rates could be as close as a visit to your credit union.

Yes, Georgia Mortgage Rates will continue to rise at the minimum for the time being. Get empowered by shopping around for a rate that beats the local averages.

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