From Complete Credit Card Debt Dummy to Card Crushing Ninja Without Ever Becoming a Licensed Banker

From Complete Credit Card Debt Dummy to Card Crushing Ninja Without Ever Becoming a Licensed Banker

Many people feel like a complete credit card debt dummy especially when the card bills come due but thorough down they want to be a stealthy ninja capable of annihilating card debt and villainous debt collectors but very few have the desire to become a banker. Believe it or not there is very little difference between the three so unless you want to be a banker keep reading.

First of all, if you found this page by believing you’re a debt dummy forget it! There’s no such animal! Every cardholder has these feelings at card payment time. They can never get ahead no matter how hard they try and some really feel like nuts when they’ve lost their job because some greedy banker kicked the first domino setting off a chain reaction which ended up as a pink slip falling on their head.

There are a handful of debt ninjas that cause bankers to tremble and scare debt collectors so badly they seek asylum in foreign countries like Afghanistan where there is little way the ninjas can find them. Thanks to the World Wide Web anyone can now become a feared ninja and we will show how to do it shortly but first a bit about the secret world of banking.

Now there is some work involved but thanks to the web and search engines the required information can be retrieved at the speed of light so you will be able to morph from dummy to debt destroyer almost as fast as Superman can change clothes in a phone booth so click your heels together Dorothy and let’s go find the knowledge!

Few people have the desire to be a banker. After some lightning speed research you are going to know more than any hourly employee at a bank knows about banking and you’re going to discover why bankers don’t file lawsuits against you when you don’t pay your card account. Search the term “where does money come from” to discover their biggest secret.

You should have learned bankers can pull money from thin air because the government gave them a “license to be a federal bank” which makes it legal for them to charge you interest on money they didn’t have and never loaned to you. Hard to believe but the search term “do bank’s loan money” for 3 million no they don’t loan you money answers.

Most people are just too honest to become a banker and the reason they don’t file lawsuits against you to collect money is because they cannot show a loss on their accounting records. For these obvious reasons they turn your account information over to a debt collector and if you force his hand he could not prove you owe him money either!

Search the term “FTC debt video” and watch the cartoon show which will transform you from a so called debt dummy afraid to answer your phone or go to the mailbox into a money making, debt busting, collector annihilating ninja. If you didn’t make the connection between harassing collection calls and making money then search “Man wins $1.5 million in debt collection lawsuit” and you’ll start to see how it works.

Okay former debt dummy, you now possess the knowledge to be a card debt crushing ninja able to look deeply into a banker’s eyes causing him to tremble because he knows that you know his deepest darkest secrets. There are more ways to fix credit card problems than Bubba could describe to Forest Gump about ways to fix shrimp. Live life and have fun!

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